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Default Re: Gotta Catch 'Em All Kanto: Red Version

(Oh no. I can't post a picture if my life depended on it.)


...Sitting on a boat. What fun that was.

The lake itself was peaceful on the surface, but it was brimming with enough Magikarp to justify any fishery setting up shop right here. It was also the home of many trees, lining the surface. A lighthouse was nearby the only path that humans made to this point-tall and rather old, and currently off. The lake was that large-you couldn't see the other side. Plus, a river still was joined to this odd pool of water, not far from the open ocean, and the river was wide enough for all but the largest-sized boats.

Latio's duty as an Ace Trainer today was to catch a Magikarp (hopefully it wasn't catch and release), and hopefully have it heavy enough to get a Water Stone. To do that, he had to sit on a boat in the middle of the lake.

More percisely, sitting on a boat in the middle of the lake to catch Magikarp, with only another water type to assist in the capture, while his others were in the hands of a random fisherman (thank goodness he modified his belt so that he couldn't get them off and use them), paying up ten of his precious dollars after just being lucky enough to find ten on the ground earlier, and, according to Dredd, a Pokemon of potentially rare value was following him-meaning his stronger Pokemon should be ready to attack and capture the being. And here he was, fishing, potentially a sitting duck to whatever Dredd was referring to. To complicate matters, these Magikarp were faster than people would credit, thanks to a 'worthless' status they carry. It was terribly hot and humid, a combination of weather he loathed and despised. And it was dark and cloudy-how it wasn't raining was beyond him. Magikarp, despite being worthless in combat until they approach their Gyarados stage, were also pretty smart. Only by being absolutely still and dead quiet would he ever hope to catch one. And he now had several itches. Mosquitos, why did it have to be mosquitos?! They're not even Pokemon!

Suddenly, a Magikarp burst out of the water. It wasn't on his line, however-it was just jumping. Ugh. He ignored it...

Suddenly, it hit him-dead on. In the head. It hurt. A lot. Magikarp aren't particuarily heavy, but they are scaly.

he was tempted to yell out in pain, but the thought of revealing his position and wasting ANOTEHR HOUR at this was enough to make him bite his tounge. The Magikarp flopped off of his boat into the water. Ugh. It was probably one of the heavier ones...Meaning one of the more point-scoring ones.

Terrific day, today.

...Woot. NOW it was raining. As an added bonus, thunder started crackling overhead. These were NOT safe boating conditions, he knew. Yet, the Lightning was striking very consistantly to the southwest-Pikachu, or another electric type, must live nearby. That would scare the Magikarp, even if they weren't approaching. Freaking terrific.


...tug, tug. The line! It was tugging. He started reeling it in-but ugh, this was a tough fish! He pushed the line forwards and backwards, reeling it in. Tsunami the Wartortle-boosted by the rain-was standing by for a brief battle to subdue the Magikarp. Ugh, this thing was freaking heavy! Like lead was strapped to the other end. Almost there...

Splash! With a particuarily loud noise, he pulled up two things: A Shiny Magikarp, and a boot. His hook? On the boot.

A Shiny Magikarp?! Dear Arceus, a SHINY MAGIKARP!!! Even the Magikarp salesman would drop his jaw, and ask for thousands of dollars to have it (but probably would sell it for tens of thousands). The Magikarp mistook the boot for food, considering it was clamping down on it that hard, but there was no stopping him now! He'd automatically win the freaking contest with this!

...Wait. Reality kicked in at the last second: The Magikarp stopped biting down on the boot, and fell in the water again. He had made too much ruckus. To add insult to injury: If he dropped the boot in, well, that would be the end of it.

"D**MIT!!!* Latio yelled-then he slapped his mouth on his face. Dear Arceus, that wasn't smart. Another Hour of this for you, buster.

Lightning struck again, unbelievably close to the lake. The Electric-Types were approaching, and as he was the closest to the southwest banks, that would mean...Oh, come on!

Then the 'Lightning' struck his boat. It made a massive splash, downward and upward, and Latio was thankful he was sitting down-he meerly fell over. Tsunami also fell down, and it's face, looking at where the 'Lightning' struck, was in sheer panic. Latio turned his head towards where he was looking.

Dear Arceus.


Zapdos was known for migrations, but it wasn't really known for crashing onto boats like it was his property. Nevertheless, the bladelike beak, the sparking wings, the fur and feathers standing on end from the immense electricity, and the glare. Yep, no doubts about it, this was Zapdos. And it's bladelike beak? Inches from his throat.

Fortunately, that second-long nightmare was over-it took off almost immediately after it crashed down.

...And there was a Magikarp on his boat.

...It counted. It SO COUNTED!

Pokemon using: Tsunami the Wartortle
Capturee: Magikarp
Trainer's Pokemon's value: 16
Capturee's Value: 5
Bonuses: N/A (Capturing)
Magikarp was captured!
Tsunami's remaning points: 11
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