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Default Re: Gotta Catch 'Em All Kanto: Red Version

(personally note, that was amazing ! bravo, bravo!!!)

Red Team is stationed on a boat in the middle of a lake. They have chosen to be here because there is a chance of gaining access to Water Stones! As time passes by the trainers get there hands on a couple of decent Magikarp but throw them back due to size. Finally Dredd brings one in, but his victory is quickly taken from him as lighting knocks him out of the boat. The magikarp flies out of his hands and disappears into the water. Dredd floats around in the water annoyed. He needs to stop moving because he will scare off the Karp. As he pulls himself back onto the boat he see that latio got one in the confusion and knocks Latio over the edge of the boat. His Magikarp is also lost.

"Shows you for gaining while I lost ! "
Dredd gets out swirl and works out a plan. 20 minutes later the plan is set in motion.

" I hope your okay with this !"
Dredd shouts down to his live bait. Polwhirl doesnt seem very happy this.

The Thunderstorm slows down but the rain kicks in. The Team seems focused on catching the pokemon.

Dredd lets Polwhirl float for a little bit. He thinks to himself he is going to attract the largest magicarp ever using this giant tadpole. The water starts to shake. He is about to regret his awful logic.


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