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Default Pluto - Your Worst Nightmare

Name: Pluto
Gender: Male
Age: 24
Role: Lone Wolf

Description: An imposing figure, standing 6'4 and weighing in excess of 250lbs. Piercing blue eyes lie in a pale, rugged face below a swarm of auburn hair, pulled back into a ponytail. A line of auburn stubble frames his face, a close shave across his sturdy jaw would leave his face just a tad too bare.
A well muscled figure, he wears only the finest hand tailored suits from Savile Row, of which he has a collection of over 20. He prefers to wear a short sleeve shirt underneath the jacket, to allow easy access to his gauntlets.
His forearms are encased in his signature gauntlets, each with its own specific purpose. Fashioned from titanium, with a navy blue velvet inner lining for comfort, they extend from half an inch below the elbow to just below the wrist. The gauntlet on his left arm is in fact a personal computer with touch screen interface, the one on his right arm acts as both a communication device and has his digivice integrated into the design.

Personality: Effectively ignored by his family, he grew up a very lonely & angry child in Boarding School. Refusing to work with others, as he felt he could not rely on them, he would grow into a wretched man. For some years, he was able to take out some frustrations during rugby, but for the past few years he has shunned his birth name and past, and moulded himself as a lone beacon of talent amongst a sea of mediocrity. Trust nobody, only yourself.

History: Born to a very wealthy family in the Scottish Borders, the man formerly known as Alun McDermott was largely ignored by his parents as a child. He was educated at Fettes College, a renowned boarding school in Edinburgh, where alumni including British Prime Ministers, Poets, Sportsmen & Members of the Aristocracy had developed their skills before him. He did not particularly excel in school, it was too much of a chore for him as he knew that he would one day be wealthy without having to put any effort into finding a job. He begrudgingly joined the rugby team, recruited by the coach due to his sheer size as a 6'1 210lb monster aged only 11, he found success despite his lack of interest, gaining offers to join professional teams, all of which he declined. The only subject that interested him whatsoever was Computing. He enjoyed the solitary aspect of it, not having to rely on the contributions of lesser individuals as he did on the Rugby field.

It was his interest in computers that lead on to his newest obsession, hacking. Having successfully bypassed security systems for the US Government, numerous global organisations and militaries at only 17, he was deemed worthy to be part of Anarcomon's plans. The Icemon sent to kidnap Alun was eager to perform the task for his new master, perhaps too eager, it severely underestimated the pure strength of the human, being thrown around with ease, like a predator toying with its prey before the kill. Alun broke the Digimon's neck with a simple twist, leaving it to decompose into raw data. The data poured into his mobile phone that lay on the desk, warping it from just a simple phone to a hybrid of a communication device and a digivice. Alun was fascinated by this new technology, and spent months toying with it, learning how it worked, and how it could be manipulated. Having first entered the Digital World aged 19, he experimented further in how to alter his surroundings to his benefit with the use of a small laptop.

Age 20, his parents were killed in a car crash, leaving him as the sole heir to their fortune and the family home on the shores of Loch Ness. Using his newly found vast wealth, Alun contacted Corsair, and had them develop a computer that would fit on a wrist attachment, allowing for easy usage. He also contacted Samsung, having what had been his phone substantially upgraded for a hefty fee. Armed with his new toys, he could return to the digital world at any time, with just the press of a button on his right wrist necessary. He purchased property in Chelsea, London and set about having a new tailor made wardrobe crafted for him by the finest tailor on Savile Row.
His new attire suited his new found attitude, caring little for anyone who stood in his way, he had his name legally changed to “Pluto” in honour of the Roman God of the Underworld. He understood what Anarcomon wished to accomplish, but also saw how laughable his usage of inferior subjects was.


Pluto met his Digimon through a cruel and unusual procedure. Having carefully researched what would be most suitable for him using his wrist computer, he set about creating a virus that would destroy the weakest of the species he supplied it to, but would corrupt and strengthen the strongest, leaving them marked with his own unique colour scheme.

Having encountered a group of 8 Betamon in a marshy area of the jungle, he added the virus to their food supply. Within days, seven of them had been wiped out, leaving just the youngest. The virus caused him to grow in size almost an extra 50%, his normally green skin stained matte black. The stripes along his back darkened to a navy colour, and his eyes followed suit. All that remained of his former self was the shock of orange hair upon his head.

Pichimon -> Bukamon -> Betamon -> Seadramon -> MegaSeadramon -> MetalSeadramon

Now with Octavius at his side, Pluto discovered a nest of Kunemon & DoKunemon, 7 in total. He tried a different tactic, having sprayed them all with the virus, he watched as the majority squirmed in pain before succumbing to their fate. Only 2 did not, 1 of each species. As they began to change, the Kunemon lashed out at its cousin, slicing the throat with its stinger. Having defeated his foe, he completed his transformation. His skin also turned jet black, the zig zag markings turning Navy blue, with the stinger changing to the same orange as Octavius’ hair. His feet & beak turned black, with the softer underbelly changing to the same Navy colour as the stripes.

Leafmon -> Minomon -> Kunemon -> Kuwagamon -> Okuwamon -> GranKuwagamon

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