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Default Re: [War XI] Perfect Fusion <SU/DS>

Originally Posted by Saraibre Ryu View Post
Hi there!

This particular RP was specially made for WAR, of which is where the teams and points come in. Read here on more about what WAR is.

Now to answer your first question, no you do not have to be on a team to join this, but it's far more fun and you earn points for it to see who the best team is for this year's WAR season! For the second, you can play canon characters, but I think the Doctor or Grassy can better answer that question with more details pertaining to playing canon characters.
Thanks! I decided to scrap a canon character and go in another direction:

Character name: Ziporah “Zippy” Lane
Age: 13
Gender: Female
Species: Human
Team: Park Lords
Occupation: Junior Ranger

Appearance: Zippy is a young girl, standing at 4’ 6” (142 cm) and 90 lbs (41 kg). Her dark red hair is somewhat short, reaching to her shoulders. It’s straight for the most part, with a slight curl in the back. Her bright green eyes are always looking for some new path to discover. The young ranger’s skin reflects her outdoorsy lifestyle: a slight tan but still defined as white.

Ever since she was accepted into the Junior Rangers, Zippy has tried to wear that uniform almost every day. This attire consists of a short-sleeved khaki shirt that buttons up and matching short that cover her upper thighs. The shirt has two large breast pockets for storing item balls. The brown leather belt isn't so much used to keep her pants up as it is another tool in her arsenal, as well as a place to put her pokeballs. The red “tie” is really a handkerchief that can be pulled off her collar when the need arises. Zippy proudly displays several pins she earned for various achievements, such as camping and receiving a partner pokemon. Her shoes are more for function than style: tough brown leather boots that cover her ankles. Finally, she has long white socks, the red stripe on top almost reaching her knees.

Personality: Zippy has all the characteristics one would expect from a future ranger: curiosity for the unknown, a strong sense of justice, and a drive to better oneself. It takes a lot to break her spirit. Being as young as she is however, this can lead her into trouble at times. Zippy will follow her curiosity into places she shouldn’t be (though that’s when the greatest treasures are found!). She may not attack an armed assailant head on, but she would risk more than she should to help the injured. And of course, the journey to better herself may have the ranger bite off more than she can chew. If there was a phrase to describe Zippy, it would have to be “Adult supervision required”.

Zippy is quite the tomboy: she’ll get just as dirty as any boy in her class. She absolutely loves the outdoors, secret passageways, and lost treasures. She also cherishes her pokemon team, treating them as partners to share in her great achievements. The ranger hates the lack of adventure at times, not settling for a mundane life playing on a computer.

History: Zippy was born and raised in Pallet town, a quaint little town in Kanto. She grew up hearing tales of great men and women taking a cross-country journey and gaining all sorts of titles and recognition for their deeds. The society was built around such adventurers, so it wasn’t long before the future ranger wanted to aspire to such heights. As a kid, she pretended to be a ranger, fighting off deviants and discovering secret worlds. It wasn’t a surprise that, at age 11, she joined the local Junior Ranger division.
Zippy could not have been more ecstatic. She was finally taking her first step in becoming a real ranger. Though there was the occasional field trip, the first two years as a junior ranger consisted of “missions” such as recycling and cleaning the park. The only thing that kept Zippy’s interest in such things was the pins earned for making achievements. She absolutely loved collecting them, each with a different symbol depicting the task done. The girl was almost obsessed with doing such tasks. The one pin that really changed her life was the one that depicted an egg. Her troop leader gave everyone a mysterious egg to raise until hatching. Zippy must have shined that egg every day, even sleeping with it to keep it warm. Her efforts paid off and out emerged an oshawott. As a reward, not only did she get the pin, she was able to adopt the pokemon as her partner. This was a big step: this meant that Zippy was ready to intern with a pokemon ranger as an assistant. When she would get older, she could apply to become a ranger herself. All Zippy had to do was go to Professor Oak’s lab to make Ollie’s (the oshawott) adoption official.

That’s when a robotic army from another dimension descended upon the town. It happened so fast. Absolutely no one was prepared for such an event to occur. Even highly experienced trainers were taken down: the robots had no qualms about shooting the humans before their pokemon made the first move. For the first time, Zippy was genuinely frightened. People were dying, people she knew. The future ranger panicked and ran, with Ollie in her arms. She hated herself for letting the invaders pillage without resistance. There had to be something she could do…

As weeks past, Zippy learned more about the situation through radio broadcasts. A force known as the Eggman Empire had materialized out of a wormhole and quickly taken over not only Kanto but Johto, Hoenn and Orre. There was no way of escaping to one of the free areas, and even then, who knew how long they would be free. If there was one group that Zippy knew of to look up to in crisis, it would certainly be the pokemon rangers. That was it then! She would travel the countryside to find wherever the rangers gathered and help them in any way she could. For the sake of her world, she could not stand by and watch them destroy everything she knew. Not anymore. She visited a pokemon center and took in two more pokemon, refugees from the attacks. They were an emolga and a ponyta who had lost their owners. Zippy gladly took them on and began training. Her oshawott evolved as a result of the heavy training, turning into a more battle hardy dewott. The rangers were going to need all the help they could get, and Zippy was determined to give them just that.

One thing was for sure: there had better be one heck of a pin for this mission.

Pokemon team: Dewott, ponyta, emolga
Weapons: None
Equipment: Pokegear, pocket knife with built-in compass at one end, explorer’s kit (small shovel, sphere finder, pickaxe), 3 pokeballs, 2 great balls, 1 ultra ball, two bottles of water, a dozen sitrus berries and a big bag of trail mix. Zippy keeps the explorer's kit in an item ball, allowing it to miniturize for storing in a shirt pocket. Her pokegear contains a radio, phone, and map, tools that could prove valuable. The pokegear and pokemon are clipped onto her belt, while her pocket knife is kept in the back pocket of her shorts. Rations like water and food are in a drawstring canvas bag that Zippy wears like a backpack.
Other: My goal here was to create a character that could come from one of the games and see what would happen if something as random as a robot invasion took place. What will happen to her? We’ll find out soon enough, nub nub.

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