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Default Re: Forsaken Bounds: The Forged Alliance [Chapter 22 is Up!]

I actually had to look back a few chapters to get a refresher. Been a while since I read this.

Man, Mike is corny and I should know after rereading what I wrote ages ago. Still, I was half expecting Amy to slap across the face before kissing him but this works too. haha

One suggestion I would like to ask is that Mike use the Essence Crystal of Change to revert his age to be a few years older then Amy. That way there won't be a creepy age thing going on. That is, unless you have something plan to fix that.

Also, concerning what you remove from canon, I recall them going somewhere but I couldn't remember. I think Mike was hoping to help Amy regain her memories which involved becoming young and trying to reignite the passion or something like that.

Good job and I hope you keep this up.
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