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Default Re: Gotta Catch 'Em All Kanto: Red Version

Dredd walks along the edge of the S.S. Anne carrying the poor designed map. He recognizes symbols on the map, the fisherman must have had markers all over to help him remember. Dredd hopes that Red Team didn't get on this boat from nothing. Dredd stops for a moment and pauses. While tries to figure out where to go next he is approached by a familiar trainer. The figure stands next to him and leans against the railing.

"Small world"

He looks at the trainer.

"Not small enough. I'd Say."
Dredd puts the map in his pocket.

"I wouldnt worry about reaching for the Pokeball, I mean you wouldn't want to cause a scene like last time."
The trainer turns away and says to Dredd as he is leaving

"Don't worry about catching up, we have a whole cruise to do it. Seeya Max."
The trainer blends in with the crowd


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