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Default Re: Forsaken Bounds: The Forged Alliance [Chapter 22 is Up!]

Chapter 24: Frantic Discussion
“I feel like I’ve dug us into a whole far deeper than we can crawl out of with this Diabora character. Not only do we have to put up with Kayzar’s goons, but we also have to deal with Diabora’s enemies from the Inner Ring. I feel he’s going to be the death of this movement.”
-Private Journal of Kai Kazius
ASM Spacewing
Hiigaran Orbit

Neo Winterfield, rust Makuta, Finch, Tiantus and Celebi sat at the Spacewing’s conference table next to holograms of Latira, Cyrano Kayzar, Shairii Woldrac, and Mike Anone. Diasirenda was curled up into the corner of the room, its ears perked up and listening to the conversation.

“You certainly have an interesting cavalcade of creatures that you let into the command center,” Kayzar commented. Diasirenda gave Kayzar a stern look, which he promptly ignored. “Which one of you makes the decisions?”

“We typically decide on things democratically,” Neo told Kayzar. Kayzar looked at Neo confused for a second, as if he didn’t understand the term. A moment later, his eyes flickered.

“Oooh, democracy. Yes, we did away with that years ago. With The Network, we have no need of inconveniencing people with voting. We just decide our course of action based on an aggregate opinion of The Network. Very, very advanced. Lightyears beyond your political systems,” he explained to Neo.

“So we now know that Diabora and the Hiigaran Revolutionaries are working together in order to both take down the Hiigaran government and get Diabora his new shield,” Neo reported.

“I don’t suppose we know what kind of shield technology the Hiigarans were experimenting with?” Tiantus asked.

“You know, manipulation of energy down to the micro-quark level,” Kayzar explained.

“That makes no sense. You literally just said a string of words that means nothing,” Tiantus replied.

“Like I said, very advanced,” Kayzar repeated. Tiantus rolled his eyes. “I’ll have my technicians send you their notes.”

“I don’t suppose you’ve dabbled in magic at all? Or Pokemon energy?” Tiantus asked.

“What’s a Pokemon?” Kayzar asked.

“You know… those critters that run around in tall grass. People train them to fight. They can manipulate elemental energy, like psychic powers or dark powers or electricity…” Tiantus detailed.

“You mean animals? That sounds a lot like cock-fighting to me… We outlawed that hundreds of years ago. Not good for the animals, you know,” Kayzar explained.

<You have no legendary Pokemon?> Latira replied.

“We call those gods. Did you know that we Hiigarans killed our very gods? It was a glorious battle. Science really won the day there,” Kayzar spouted off. rust looked at Celebi for confirmation of this story. Celebi sadly nodded its head. “Considering only four people in this room are mortal, I’d say that you humans haven’t advanced that far yet. That’s why we killed them though. They started far too many wars for our liking.”

“Cool story, bro,” Tiantus said flippantly. “I’d love to see that data though.”

“While Tiantus looks at the data and assesses how screwed we are, Shairii, what’s going on with the Combin situation?” rust asked.

“Frank Bueller is a quick learner. He’s already far more powerful than I was when I was at his stage. Amy is also learning fairly quickly too, though I’ve been dividing my time between training Amy and looking for Peter Jennings, so it’s been slower with her than with Frank,” Shairii explained to the council.

“What are these Combins you speak of?” Kayzar asked.

“A person that can combine their soul with that of a dead Pokemon,” Shairii explained. “Four Combins should be enough to assist the new Crystal Guardians in removing Diabora’s chakra points.”

“Then I think it would be wise to begin planning our endgame. We need to stop Diabora before his shields are a problem once again,” rust said.

“The Dai-Rai-Oh has been completed, I’d like to add. I don’t know how that could figure into your plans,” Tiantus said. “MAELSTROM has also been done for a very long time.”

“MAELSTROM should be enough to hold Diabora in place,” rust said. “For those not in the know, MAELSTROM will basically turn the Yggdrasill tree on the Homeworld into a gigantic prison for Diabora. It will cause the tree to grow out of control until the genetic killswitch is activated, which Tiantus has programmed to happen after is has captured Diabora.”

“And he’d only be confined for two or three minutes at the most. We’d have to act quickly,” Tiantus said. “We can use the Dai-Rai-Oh to pin Diabora to the tree and let MAELSTROM do the rest of the work.”

“From there, the Combins can open vibrate his spirit to allow the Crystal Guardians to reach in and remove his chakra points, recreating the Crystals of Power,” Shairii said.

“And at that point, we’d have enough firepower to kill him dead,” Neo said.

“Who will the Crystal Guardians be then?” Finch asked.

“We’ll need to revive more than just the spirits of the Basha, Krazen, Shafirax, and Danasadar, and Kashan, the Old Ones. We’ll need to return their bodies to the world of the living,” Shairii explained.

“Oh, Basha and Krazen… Those were the names of our gods! You do know something about Hiigaran history, eh?” Kayzar blurted. Shairii shot him an incredibly dirty look.

“The other five Crystal Guardians can be made from already existing Legendaries. I seem to recall that Chron and Solneos of Camashk, Perlilovedo of Calmencia, and Najita and Narsaka are all viable Legendaries,” Shairii continued.

<Am I eligible?> Diasirenda asked.

“No, I’m sorry. You cannot be a Crystal Guardian and a Celestial Custodian concurrently,” Shairii explained.

“Najita and Narsaka reside on the Homeworld now. They would be more than happy to become Crystal Guardians, I believe,” Neo said. “We’d have to send two teams out to Camashk and Calmencia then, in order to find those legendaries.”

<I will go to Calmencia to track down Perlilovedo, then,> Diasirenda said. <I’ve been feeling useless since I nerfed Diabora.>

“I’ll go with him,” Finch said very quickly afterwards.

“Then I shall go to Camashk in the Ano Ho-Oh and locate Chron and Solneos,” Mike volunteered. “But, how are we going to get Diabora to the Homeworld again?”

“Can you teleport him, Celebi?” rust asked.

<No, I wouldn’t be able to. I am not nearly that powerful… The only being that could pull that off would be Xuanwu,> Celebi explained.

“Well… where is he? Considering we’re talking about the fate of the universe here, he should be willing, eh?” rust said.

<Xuanwu resides in another dimension. He is the spiritual guide of the multiversal hub city known as Axiom Nexus. Obtaining an audience with him would be… difficult,> Celebi said.

“I don’t see why we shouldn’t try,” rust said.

<I suppose.>

“Then it’s settled. I will travel with Celebi to Axiom Nexus to recruit Xuanwu,” rust said.

“Then I will remain on Hiigarus with Kayzar and keep Diabora from wrecking things,” Neo said.
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