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Default Re: Digimon: The Reckoning

Name: Menora Silvanus

Gender: female

Age: 21

Role: Lone Wolf (but fights on the True DigiDestined side)

Description: *click*
Menora stands about 5'7" with lightly tanned skin, long wavy black hair, and striking orange eyes. She keeps her bangs covering her right eye, which is a shade paler than her left due to an old injury, that also covers the eye-patch she wears over her right eye that she only wears when out in public. She has a scar on the right side of her face, starting at her brow and going down to her cheek. It isn't exactly centered around her eye, it being more to the left when you look at her, but her eye-patch covers most of it other than the bottom near her cheek. She also has a long scar on the left side of her neck, her left shoulder, and her left bicep. For her attire, whether it be casual or fancy, usually consists of earth tone and natural colors like greens and browns. Her casual outfit is a dark forest green leather tunic, black jeans, brown trench coat, thigh high black boots, and black fingerless gloves. Her more "fancy" outfit is a collared royal green silk sleeveless top, black slacks, and black high heeled sandals. With both outfits she sometimes wears a black cowboy hat, but that is always an optional accessory and is only worn with her usual outfit. For jewelry Menora wears a black leather choker and a double-headed gear wolf pendant on a matching chain that is usually hidden under her tunic, leather bands around both of her biceps, and a wolf head tattoo on her right upper arm.

Personality: Menora is an independent woman, but she does know when to ask for help. She can work either solo or in a group, and when in a group she always looks out for her comrades over herself. One of her mottoes is "No comrade gets left behind" and she lives by this, as well as "Why dwell in the past when there's a future to look forward to?". She is a loyal companion, and will not betray you unless you betray her. She treats everyone close to her as family, and she protects her family with her life. When not on the job she is fun-loving and doesn't like to take things too seriously. She is a devoted older sister, and always tries to think ahead of the game both on and off the battlefield.

Additional Information: Menora's main hobby is archery, so it is not uncommon to see her with a compound bow and a quiver of arrows attached to her belt. She also has a dagger that is usually hidden in her right boot, always wanting to be prepared for any situation.

Name: Nero
Digivolution Line: Punimon > Tsunomon > BlackGabumon > BlackGarurumon > ShadowWereGarurumon > BlackMetalGarurumon
Personality: Nero tends to be very protective of his partner and does not mind speaking his mind. However unlike most "Black" digimon he has a friendly personality. He tends to not take things too seriously, but does know when the time for games has ended. He is fiercely loyal to his human partner and will put himself in-between her and her sister to protect them from harm without a second thought.

Name: Kain
Digivolution Line: ? > ? > BlackGuilmon > BlackGrowlmon > BlackWarGrowlmon > ChaosGallantmon
Personality: Kain is the strong and silent type. He doesn't like to speak often, tending to ignore those to try to engage in conversation with him. When he speaks he gets straight to the point, usually leaving to room to argue. He is easily agitated and easy to bait into an argument do to him being short-tempered.


Name: Mellony Silvanus

Gender: female

Age: 17

Role: True DigiDestined

Description: *clickie*
Mellony is 5'4" with long blonde hair, that's usually tied back in a braid, and sky blue eyes. Her clothing type is usually light, most of the time being made of cloth. The colors she tends to wear are pale blues and pinks. Normally she wears a pale pink, long sleeved dress shirt under a powder blue vest, powder blue mid-calf skirt, turquoise scarf, light blue gloves, and blue heels. She can often be seen wearing a pink pendant that her mother gave her, but it is usually hidden under her shirt. It is also common to see her with a hip bag that usually contains a first aid kit.

Personality: Mellony is most often known as the "mature one" when compared to her older sister. When her sister is out having fun, Mellony is there to watch over things to make sure things don't get out of hand. She is a very caring person and loves to help out others. She tries to stay out of fights as much as she can, not liking violence. She is a natural care-taker and is always willing to help someone through an injury with a friendly smile.

Additional Information: Even though she is still very young, Mellony is very intelligent. Her main studies are in the medical field, so she can treat a lot of minor injuries on her own or at least know how to deal with more serious situations until professionals can get to the scene.

Name: Nix
Digivolution Line: YukimiBotamon > Nyaromon > Salamon > Gatomon > Angewomon > Ophanimon
Personality: Nix is naturally a kind digimon, caring for others like her human partner. She tries to stay out of trouble and likes to think some things through before acting. But she does have her spontaneous moments when out having fun. Nix also prefers to stay as Gatomon, not really liking her rookie form all that much. That and it also helps make it easier to tell her from her older sister Stiria.

Name: Stiria
Digivolution Line: YukimiBotamon > Nyaromon > Salamon > BlackGatomon > LadyDevimon > Lilithmon
Personality: Stiria is a troublemaker. She enjoys mischief and breaking the rules. In her mind she can get away with anything and treats everything almost like a game. She tends to usually think for herself over others, but on a very rare occasion she'll put her younger sister Nix or her human partner before herself. But again that is a very rare thing for her to do. And like Nix, Stiria prefers to remain in her champion form, but not for the same reasons as her younger sister.


Joint History: Menora and Mellony were always close. Even being four years apart in age, they did a lot of things together. Menora had always tired to be a good example to Mellony when they were younger, doing what she could to make their parents proud. Overall they had a normal childhood, being able to just be kids and learn from their own mistakes. However that didn't last long after their father died. Menora was just starting high school at the time, and she took her father's passing hard since she was always a dad's girl. She became a bit of a rebel, but she had always told her little sister not to follow her path and learn form the mistakes she was making so that Mellony didn't have to make them on her own.

When the sisters were both in high school, Menora being a senior and Mellony a freshmen, their mother became very sick. Mellony was taking that hard, especially when their mother was taken into the hospital. The younger sibling lost herself in her studies to keep herself busy with Menora would stay out late at night. One weekend when they were both home alone and after visiting their mother, the power had gone out. Menora had cursed at first since she was playing a game when Mellony just looked a little annoyed since she lost the light she was using to read her book. But surprisingly the computer still worked. Both young women went to the device, seeing a blank illuminated screen. Both unamused the elder sister was about to turn the device off when the light from the computer engulfed the room and blinded the sisters. Once it died down, that’s when the two met their first Digimon partners, BlackGabumon for Menora and Gatomon for Mellony. The two pairs did whatever they could to attempt to keep things balanced. Menora couldn’t really care, but since it meant a lot to Mellony the older sibling decided to stay by her side. Not long after Menora turned 19 and Mellony 15 their mother passed away, which was a major shock to the siblings but that did not deter them from the tasks they now have with their partners.

A year later, when stronger Digimon started to appear, one Ultimate and one Mega level Digimon challenged the pair. The Digimon that they faced were BlackWarGrowlmon and Lilithmon. Nix, Mellony’s Gatomon, recognized the Lilithmon as her older sister who she was separated from shortly after hatching. The battle was held in the Digital World, and it lasted for hours. Nero, Menora’s BlackGabumon, had digivolved to ShadowWereGarurumon in order to fight against BlackWarGrowlmon, while Nix took on her Ultimate form as well to fight Lilithmon. However when Mellony was in danger of BlackWarGrowlmon’s claws, Menora put herself in harms way. It was from his hand that she got the three scars on the upper left half of her body. The scar on her right eye and its blindness was caused from Lilithmon’s clawed hand, when the elder sister again protected the younger. That was all the motivation for the sisters’ partners to go into mega level for the first time, and together they easily started to overpower their enemies. However the BlackWarGrowlmon started putting up less of a fight, much to Lilithmon’s dismay. He didn’t know why but he felt almost bad for seriously wounding the woman. Almost being the key word. He felt like that he shouldn’t have, but couldn’t assume why when before he had no problem whatsoever harming her or her partner Digimon.

Noticing her sister’s distress, and knowing how bad the injuries well be once they go back to the real world, Mellony begged for Nero and Nix to end it so they could go back and get Menora help. So Nero caused a distraction while Nix got the two Silvanus siblings to safety. Neither BlackWarGrowlmon or Lilithmon were destroyed, but went back to weaker forms. Now simply BlackGuilmon and BlackGatomon, the two were confused and curious. They had followed the humans and their partners back to the real world. With the elder sibling now in the hospital and the younger hardly ever leaving her side, the two who were once enemies felt a pull to stay around. Menora easily forgave BlackGuilmon and accepted his request to stay, soon the two becoming partners. Nero wasn’t all that thrilled, but would not deny having the other as an ally over him staying an enemy. It was then that BlackGuilmon was named Kain by Menora, him accepting the name and actually liking it. BlackGatomon, on the other hand, became partners with Mellony and was named Stiria. Even if she wouldn’t show it, she was glad to be with her sister who she was worried about for years when they were separated. The new name was something to get used to, but it was a small price to pay. That and she could have a lot of fun now in the real world as well.

Once Menora fully recovered and got used to her new blindness on her right side, the two once again set out to do what they could. Menora never wanted to be on a side on this fight, but since her sister was on the side that was fighting the threat then she would remain by her little sister’s side even if she only cared about her and Mellony’s safety.

((credit for human pictures goes to xdanond on and their Anime Character Maker 2.2
credit for the Fenrir pick (aka the tattoo my char has) goes to shinku-shoku on
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