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Default Re: Gotta catch em' all !: Club

Originally Posted by Latio-Nytro View Post
For that, I assume the teams will also be split up into Gold and Silver Teams? Varying Legend captures, as per the teams as well?

...And are the requirements for certian Legendary Pokemon going to increase, or stay the same? I'd hate it if I had to capture 250 Pokes for Mew, or something absurd. It stops getting possible pretty early.

One more thing: Are Evolutions considered non-wild Captures?

(Hitmonlee specifies Wilds only, so that won't prevent Hitmonlee from being hard to get, and you can't catch all 150 Pokemon wild, so Mew and Porygon would be out of the question for legitimate captures.)
No mews value and requirements will always stay the same, im going to stick the game and how things were unlocked as closely as i can.

Yes, but its tricky, if you are trying to reach a prize pokemon that requires 20 wild pokemon, you will need to catch 20 wild pokemon, prize pokemon will count as wild pokemon.

Once you get to around a 100, then you can consider evolution wild captures so you can figure out your proper number.

as far as the prize pokemon, other then eevee all of them are just a one time thing, once you unlock the prize thats it.

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