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Default Re: thornzion vs Terminal Gym Leader paperfairy (Velly!)


[-] Weavile (M)
Ability: Pressure
Health: 81%
Energy: 41%
Status: This is getting boring. [+1 ATK, +1 SATK]
Swords Dance ~ Faint Attack


[Skittles] Eevee (M)
Ability: Adaptability
Health: 43%
Energy: 48%
Status: Feels a little safer.
Mud-Slap ~ Work Up/Headbutt/Double Team

Round Five

Weavile lifted his claws, eying them critically. They were sharp, yes, but perhaps he could make them sharper. He stretched his arms and legs, flexing his limbs and allowing the blood and energy to flow through them more freely. He began to dance, striking at an imaginary opponent with claws that flickered with a faint red aura. After a few moments of this, Weavile slowed to a halt, enjoying the energy and power that flowed through his body. He was ready to rip that little Eevee to -


A shriek of surprise left Weavile's mouth. He hadn't seen the Eevee creeping up on him with a paw covered in dirt that it had gathered from the minute dust particles all around the room, so the grit-filled smack in the eyes came as a shock to the dual-typed weasel. Skittles grinned maniacally as he watched Weavile stagger backward, clawing at its eyes to get the sand out of them. This was just hilarious.
[Swords Dance: Weavile, -3% Energy, +2 ATK]
[Mud-Slap: Weavile, -3% HP, -1 ACC; Skittles, -4% Energy]

Weavile's eyes snapped open. They were all red now, not just the irises, which poor Skittles found extremely scary. But that was not nearly as unnerving as the way Weavile disappeared - just disappeared, just ceased to exist. Skittles looked around frantically for his opponent, unaware of Weavile materializing behind him until the claws scraped across his back. Skittles let out a noise that was half yelp, half wail and leaped into the air, his little heart nearly giving out. Weavile grinned at the sight of his foe's well-placed terror.
[Faint Attack: Weavile, -6% Energy; Skittles, -16% HP]

Skittles shook his head, trying to clear it. He was feeling so tired... He had to go on the offensive, or he would be finished. But first he needed an advantage. He closed his eyes and, much like Weavile had done, let his energy flow. However, instead of sharpening his claws, he focused on concentrating his strength and willpower. Weavile wasn't as powerful as he ought to be due to the strange virus all around, and Skittles could tell. He could do this. He could win. Power coursed through his body and Skittles opened his eyes, feeling confident and strong.
[Work Up: Skittles, -4% Energy, +1 ATK, +1 SATK]


[-] Weavile (M)
Ability: Pressure
Health: 78%
Energy: 32%
Status: This is getting boring. [+3 ATK, +1 SATK, -1 ACC]


[Skittles] Eevee (M)
Ability: Adaptability
Health: 27%
Energy: 40%
Status: Ready to win! [+1 ATK, +1 SATK]

Ref Notes
Mud-Slap's Crit Roll was 52; 1-6.25 for Crit.
Faint Attack's Crit Roll was 70; 1-6.25 for Crit.

Justin, your moves please.
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