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Default Re: Gotta Catch 'Em All Kanto: Red Version

(Dredd, I think you're getting unreasonable with the whole Darmanitan thing. The last time Markus was attacked mentally, he was dizzy by the Gas and not thinking clearly, unable to defend himself from the surge of Psychic energy, so I gave you that. Now that he's thinking much more clearly, that Darmanitan SHOULD NOT have that much effect on him. Markus is only hallucinating because of the toll of the defense is still very new, and he's overextending his defense, basically working against himself. That aside, Psychic ability=Psychic defense in my book. Plus, this is getting much less fun for me. If that thing's f***ing invincible, you're giving me all the reason in the world to send out you-know-who ahead of scedual just to kill these guys. Or Ragequit. And you wouldn't like either.)

*Markus sends out his PokeBalls. He did it correctly and did NOT hallucinate the positions of the PokeBalls.. Wartortle, Cacturn and Lampent get ready.*


*Markus realizes he's hallucinating-the merged Pokemon he's seeing can't be real.*

*Feels around for something*

*Finds the Darmanitan, invisible in his hallucinations*

*Stabs it*
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