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Default [War XI]Perfect Fusion <RP>

Over the past few months, Pokemon trainers in every region have been noticing more strange news reports with similar stories. A Pokemon trainer attacked by machines of some kind in a forest and having their Pokemon kidnapped, only to find them badly injured nearby. The police and individual trainers eventually began exploring these areas to learn just what was going on, the police suspecting their region's respective team of villains. Encountering a combination of robotic Pokemon and more complex machines, the groups found a swirling vortex of energy near where the stolen Pokemon appeared in each of the areas.

Across the multiverse, the evil Dr. Ivo Robotnik's latest plan to conquer the world had led him to create a device powered by the ultimate power sources of his world, the Chaos Emeralds. The device created a wormhole through which he could send his many mechanical servants to capture the native Pokemon and create mechanical copies bent to his will. But like all of Robotnik's plans, he was ill prepared for his nemesis, Sonic the Hedgehog and his friends, and the evil genius quickly found his machine overloading and the Chaos Emeralds scattered across the globe. Unlike his previous machines that snapped the world back to the way it had been regardless of what havoc he had unleashed, the overloading of the wormhole generator caused the two worlds to be smashed together; bits of the Pokemon world's cities and parts of the world of Sonic the Hedgehog were forced to combine-- including the home lab of the illustrious Professor Oak.

Never one to give up easily, Robotnik and his machines overpowered the trainers of Pallet Town and stole the data Professor Oak had gathered over the years of nearly every Pokemon in existence-- Including such super powerful deities as Palkia, Dialga, and the other Legendary Pokemon. With one Chaos Emerald in hand and a limitless supply of robotic minions, Robotnik set his sights on capturing and subjugating the most powerful Pokemon in the world and constructing his worldwide robotic empire. His first stop was the seat of Kanto's government, sweeping through and either killing of roboticizing the leaders of the area and converting the Kanto Government building in to a heavily defended fortress. This fortress was used to cripple the special government agency GUN and systematically managed to wipe out most of the world's governments this way after the incident, all the while seeking to capture and manipulate the legendary Pokemon but being unsuccessful in their location. Relying on the fact that the new governments were distracted by preventing a panic, Robotnik's sneak attacks and overwhelmingly more advanced equipment broke them quickly.

Those with the resources attempted to ban together, either to stop or aid Robotnik in his conquering of the world; those who supported him wanted immortality and to become stronger through his roboticizer machines, and many stood to attempt to oppose his mechanical armies. Others sought to take the Chaos Emeralds or Legendary Pokemon and use them for their own gain. Others still seek to reverse-engineer Robotnik's technology to return their worlds to the way they were before-- Somehow. It all hinges on one important figure; Dr. Ivo Robotnik, the most brilliant scientific genius in the world and the maker of all manner of impossible technology. Dr. Ivo Robotnik, who was pursuing the Legendary Pokemon for the purpose of controlling their amazing powers. Dr. Ivo Robotnik, who was swarming the planet with countless robotic armies. With his flying fortress the Death Egg firmly planted on the dead volcano of Sootopolis City in the Hoenn region spewing out hundreds of robotic soldiers, he stands poised to take over the entire planet if an opposition doesn't form quickly.

It's been three weeks since then. With the mixed remains of the two worlds forced together and in disarray, can either side gather the forces to combat Robotnik's mechanical army and prevent the evil scientist from conquering both worlds, or will the mad doctor's schemes finally pay off? Can anything be done to restore the world to its previous state? Can anyone stop the evil doctor?

1) Technology level is the level of equipment and technology seen in the Pokemon games. From the Sonic world, modern-day weapons and technology are available. You can retrieve weapons from human-sized or smaller Badniks to use. You can only carry a maximum of two Badnik weapons in addition to whatever else you may have. Get bogged down with too much junk and you'll be swiss cheese; that's your only warning.
2)All canon Pokemon (sans Anime characters) and Sonic the Hedgehog characters are available, but they must have a good reason and you must be active with them. If you take a canon and don't use them for anything, your team WILL have points docked.
3)You do not >have< to be on a team to participate... but you have no chance of earning points if you are not on one.
4)Avoid godmodding. You're fighting an army of robots and a psycho who makes them. You're not going to be able to carry around much more than a few weapons if that. Just keep it fairly realistic... or as realistic as three foot hedgehogs and mice that shoot electricity can be. Don't control other people's characters, don't give yourself auto-hits, don't kill a character without permission from that RPer, so on. Applies to me too, but being the bad guy I get a bit of leeway with all of you breathing down my neck :I
5)There's no real post length, but post one-liners and you're not getting any points. I'm not even a judge and I know that.
6)Be active. If you have to disappear for a while because of school or whatnot, let us know before the fact. Points may be docked if you randomly vanish and you were, say, doing something plot-important and now you're gone.
7)Just because you can do something doesn't mean it'll work. As there are no 'making things' dockets in this RP, you won't be making any one-hit-kill-the-bad-guy weapons of mass destruction. Start doing it and have fun dealing with that army of robots. And don't think anything reverse-engineered is going to outperform the originals; you've neither the resources nor the know-how to make these technological terrors.
8)Judging will be done periodically by the judges. 30 points will be distributed throughout the RP, and 10 points will be awarded to the team that manages to defeat Robotnik (Or in the case of the team helping him, manages to help Robotnik win)
9)The password is Nubnub.
10) Above all, the purpose of this RP is to have a great time. Sure you'll get points to help your team, but that's not why you went through the effort of signing up. Win or lose, it's all for fun.
11) As further warning, your character will be roboticized if they are inactive without notice for a period of more than two weeks; whether you come through to make them redeem themselves is up to you when you return.
12) Traveling is possible through vehicles such as airplanes, trains, and land vehicles. Trains are limited in their range however, and planes are most likely grounded until flying is safe, unless you're all right with being pummeled by flying battleships.
13) People on Robotnik's side are either Badniks (Robotnik's grunt robots) or roboticized humans and anthropomorphic animals. If you're going to play a non-robot, you'd better have an amazing reason for why Robotnik would allow that. All of Robotnik's robots run the risk of being scrapped if they don't perform well or try to betray him, and he can easily dispose of them at the first sign of defiance. Tread carefully if you choose to side with him, and remember that as far as he is concerned your current body and development are completely disposable; he has backups of your programming... but he's not keeping those memories in stock. If you die as a Badnik, you can be rebuilt by Robotnik shortly after in one of his factories.
14) You're allowed to create things from the scrap you get out of those Badniks you'll be killing. Anything the size of the Tornado (A two-person biplane that can turn in to a two-person mini jet, that can turn in to a small combat mech) and smaller is up for creation. Try making any weapons of mass destruction and have fun watching them detonate in your base and right in front of you. Only warning.
15) Your Pokemon trainer can be from any region, mentioned or otherwise. If it's not on the world map, just assume it got removed in the world meld.
16) When you post in the RP, put the following information at the top of your post in bold: Character name, location, team. Format it however you like.
17) In case it was not clear in the SU: You CAN NOT play a Sonic character who uses Pokemon. Likewise, a Pokemon trainer CAN NOT have special powers (Pokemon trainers with light telepathy/telekiness being the exception). It's one or the other.

<Thanks for the map Neo!>

Robotnik-controlled regions:
-the Death Egg

Free regions:
-the Sevi Isles
-Central City
-Angel Island

Added locations:

-Central City: North of the Kanto-Johto area, it is a large city much like modern day New York. Being from Sonic the Hedgehog's world, some anthropomorphic creatures live here. The city has modern conveniences, but nothing of particular use to Pokemon trainers. Monorails connect the various areas of the city, which is actually quite large. Station Square is a part of this city. Some buildings have taken structural damage from the merge.

-Angel Island: A floating island located in the Sevi Island region that tends to float around a bit. There are no beings in particular that live here, but one of Robotnik's old bases lies here, as do some interesting ruins. There is a shrine to the Master Emerald and Chaos Emeralds, but naturally none of them are present. Though it isn't flying any more due to the loss of the Master Emerald, it does drift about in the ocean to some extent.

-The Death Egg: A flying fortress and spaceship built by Robotnik, lined with weaponry and filled with multiple factories. It is constantly releasing a stream of fresh robots to either defend it or join the growing robotic army. The stronghold is nigh impregnable from any direction due to the overwhelming numbers of defenses and the large army stationed there. The Death Egg is seated firmly atop Sootopolis' dead volcano, preventing anyone from leaving from the air while the number of robots make leaving underwater nigh impossible. No word has left Sootopolis City since the large metal sphere landed. The only reason it hasn't lifted off and been used to its full weaponized potential is merely because its impact with the Sootopolis volcano caused heavy damage to the propulsion systems, damage that is nearing total repair...

Chaos Emerald holders
Master Emerald- Dr. Robotnik
Green Emerald- Undiscovered
Blue Emerald- Undiscovered
Cyan Emerald- Undiscovered
Grey Emerald- Undiscovered
Red Emerald- Undiscovered
Yellow Emerald- Undiscovered
Purple Emerald- Dr. Robotnik
*Note: Chaos Emeralds can't be outright 'located'. Like Legendary Pokemon, you must put forth effort to obtain one. Once it's been deemed you have put in enough effort you'll locate the emerald. I'll let you know."

Approved Characters:
Ace Nighthare - Neo_Emolga
Revolution Uprising:
Socrates - Narphoenix
Schrodinger Salvo - Velocity
Alice Card - Velocity (Same as above)
Zek Chakram - Latio-Nytro
Not-So-Super Friends:
Park Lords:
Shaveh Teink -ChainReaction01
Ziporah Lane- 2gamers
Kraden Iodem - Braniac
The Eggman Empire:
Michelle Toya - Winter
<Note: Just because a team is listed doesn't mean that team needs a participant. The bracket is there in the event they want to join.>

(Everyone gets a day to get ready. Starting tomorrow the attacks begin in earnest from Robotnik (Which means that's when I post, natch). And watch out for the other bad guys too.)

Due to the large area of the map, I'm implementing a new travel system to avoid people teleporting across the map hunting for magic rocks that I've mentioned they won't find by doing that. While on foot! Three posts to travel to the next area, though if it's a close area (i.e., New Bark and Cherrygrove) you can do it in less than that. Taking shortcuts is also acceptable!
While in a vehicle/on a Flying Pokemon/riding a sufficiently large Pokemon/Anything else allowing you to cross long distances at a fast pace! It takes three post to go to any other city within the continent you're on. It also takes three to go to an adjacent continent or the Sevii isles. For example, if you wanted to travel from Sinnoh to Hoenn on a flying Pokemon or other vehicle in a straight line, you would take three posts to the Sevii Isles, then three more to the Hoenn region! Simple, right?

Considering most of you should have flying Pokemon or some other way of transportation, this shouldn't be much of a problem |D Happy robot hunting
<Image made by Neo>

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