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Default Re: [WAR XI] Revolution Uprising

Woo! I'm Tails in the RP. Since we have a day to prepare, I can get Tails to make a few things. I'll be making a little bit of weaponry for Tails, but that's about it. If ANY of your characters need anything made that would need Tails' mechanical expertise, REQUEST. For TRAPS/SUCH: Keep in mind that we've taken down some Robos before(So we do know their anatomy, and therefore, weaknesses), so traps can be a bit intricate(I guess). Emeralds will be EASIER to find after we've found one, due to Tails making Emerald hunting devices before.NVM.

TL;DR: Tails is an important asset, you should request stuff for him to build(There will be a max/day), and yep. That's what I bring :3 Tails will be an almost strictly support character.

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