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Default Re: Hello, my name is ___!

Originally Posted by Cyanide View Post
Hi, I'm Cyanide, and I like Pokemon.

/end of intro


I've apparently had an account here for three years, and had one before that according to my email that I found, but whatever, using this one. I'll probably post around here sporadically, but even so I figured I'd make another intro thread.

Hmm.. I'm also into various Asian things, music, languages, cosplay, anime, etc.
I'm punching the walls waiting for more info about the new B/W games, too.

Gonna hang around here off and on.
howdy! im squrtiel1234 have fun theres loads of really nice people (from what i've been told, you see im a newbie :D) and i love love love anime! what have you cosplayed?
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