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Default Re: [War XI]Perfect Fusion <RP>

Zek Chakram
Revolution Uprising
Route 226, Battle Zone, Sinnoh

The RU had exactly three bases. One in the Fight Area-the main base-one at the Resort Area-the Naval Base-and One at the Survival Area-a forward operations base. Forward operations, specifically, for attempts to get to Unova.

Zek's simple report: A cyan-colored gemstone (he initially said it was a rock-it hurt his head like one) had rammed into his head before he went unconscious at an unknown point in Unova. The RU had little else to go on, other than the fact that Zek knew there were a lot of buildings, and it was in Unova. He didn't remember colors, shapes, or distinguishing features.

They were lucky that they had him clearly at gunpoint for this: Otherwise, they'd probably have gotten lies out of Zek. Zek didn't trust people that didn't tell him everything. However, of course, he became compliant enough to spill his own beans once guns were pointed at him. The obvious exchange was the knowledge of everything that happened during the World Merge, and everything else the RU knew. There was an unspoken agreement, however, one Zek Chakram did not like: He was part of the RU, like it or not, and if he didn't prove his worth, he'd be jailed for life. He had committed too many crimes to be forgiven, once peace had been restored. Until then, he’d serve the RU like his life depended on it, not even taking into account the Badniks.

The Battle Zone was home to mostly the tough trainers that trained here for the right to challenge the Frontier Brains. Few Anthromorphs happened to wind themselves up here, RU or otherwise-the Battle Zone was mercifully spared most of the merging that happened, remaining largely it's own self, and in the only major instance it didn't, it helped the RU. The island received a blessing in disguise when massive rock spikes suddenly jettisoned out of the southern end of the island, covering up the island's center cove-a point, the Anthromorphs said, that was warped from the so-called 'Seas of the Demons.' It looked like an obtrusion, but it turned out that the reefs also prohibited many of Eggman's naval assaults from being successful as well, not to mention the spikes were pretty good places to put the few missile silos they could erect, so the Battle Zone, albeit still in a consistent danger of being invaded outright, was currently in a 'Yellow' status.

However, there was one point where that couldn't be so lucky: The only 'Red' status location was Stark Mountain, where the RU planned to go get new allies into Unova. They've done it for a while, it was how Zek even got here, but the Badniks figured out that Stark Mountain made an excellent invasion ground. They've taken hold of it, and who-knows-what lurks there now. The Pokémon that lived there had resisted initially, and the Badniks were briefly fought back with a truckload of s**t from the locals, but the Badniks had better programming than the average variety, and now, there seemed to be no resistance coming from the wildlife. Fortunately, they had a programming mishap-or rather, a programming mishap that Eggman put there as an obvious 'duh' kind of thing, something you do normally-The Robots were designed to only take what Eggman could prove as valuable, roboticize-able, or otherwise worthwhile. Whatever they did to roboticize people did not work on things that were dead. Eggman did not anticipate something sentient, non-computer related, and dangerous, to simultaneously be about as dead as his robots.

The Shedinja hovered around the Eggbots-the most common model of Badnik, not to mention the most akin to Eggman's shape. These Eggbots stared at the Shedinja in some form of confusion, to say the least. It didn't harm them, they did not harm it-the Badniks weren't truly sentient in this regard, as even an Antromorph had the common sense to know that if it could move on its own, it was probably capable of doing some form of damage or was otherwise thinking by some source-considering the world they were in, anyway. The Shedinja, however, wasn't interested in harming them directly. A direct offensive was ridiculous-the Eggbots would KNOW if it was harmful once it started attacking. The Eggbots knew it wasn't a surveillance droid by some random GUN agent from who-knows-where, there wasn't anything like a signal to-or from-any source. This thing was moving on its own. That was the only thing that separated it from a military weapon. Henceforth, they dubbed it's usefulness akin to a rock. It didn’t communicate directly, It only hovered around and looked. Seemingly no intelligence.

Eventually, the Badniks disregarded it entirely. It did not harm them, it did nothing but hover around, not poking into their weapons or other sensitive systems, and of course, there wasn't a way it could be linked to something, no receivers, no transmitters. It wasn't alive, it didn't produce the energy that made roboticizing things possible at all (It needed energy of some sort, something only the living produced), and, in all honestly, was it really much to panic over something they couldn't deem anything higher of a threat than a rock?

Unfortunately, the Shedinja wasn't a random thing that decided to poke it's nose into a Badnik's business. These particular Badniks were on the foot of Stark Mountain, not close to their forward base of operations within the Volcano. No other Badniks were within communication range. Zek Chakram-out of the viewing range of these robots-was spying on them from afar. They weren't totally aware of what the Shedinja was looking for-what Zek was looking for. As a note, neither was the Shedinja or Zek. It wasn't that it was there at all, more so that it could be there. What 'it' was wasn't a concern either. Any valuable object the Badniks had on their person was worth grabbing-anything valuable enough to consider saving, as in. The RU had gotten a few of the Badniks' weapons and basic systems before, and were starting to produce them en-masse. The ones that didn't have massive drawbacks made with robot bodies being a counter to them, anyways.

The Shedinja floated towards the edge of Camp, and Zek frowned. There wasn't anything worthwhile stealing in this group, nothing out of the ordinary, nothing that wasn't terribly needy. The Shedinja would have hovered over whatever object was valuable, if there was anything. The Shedinja retreated out of the sight range of the Badniks, and returned to Zek Chakram without worry. It was time for stage 2 of taking back Stark Mountain.

Stage 2 was simple: Destroy the Badniks. How? That was simple as well. Many Badniks were surge-protected, but these were miserably lacking in that. Combine that with dirt-like coolness, and the usually lower body temperature of Pokémon (in comparison to humans and anthros), and you have an Eggbot Deathtrap.

Suddenly, a several Stunfisk-having used Dig to get under the campground, slowly and steadily, and having stayed there for quite a while-suddenly popped up. Eggbots were the usual grunts, meant for all-purpose smashing of things with whatever was available, and they didn't have the time for them to all get arms, so those closer to Stunfisk than their guns ran towards the Stunfisk. Big mistake.

The Stunfisk suddenly started cackling electricity-the smile they had while doing it was utterly devious-and within seconds the Badniks had short-circuited, and went into a brief stasis mode.

Then Zek-and the few humans outside of the Eggbot's best seeing range with infrared or other heat sensors- closed in a few steps and Fired. Silenced Pistol shots to the head (Why Eggman didn't put the CPU's somewhere less likely to get shot, Zek had to admit as a result of Eggman not thinking too much) disabled the CPU's permanently, allowing Zek and the many humans, to close in on the campsite.

Zek was a leader, he was known for it. A harsh, cruel leader, but definitely one that wasn't hated. He had good military tactics (after a few rounds of military strategizing with RU leaders), prohibited loss of life with sound stealth tactics, and gave the secrets of modifying PokéBalls to be silent and dark to the RU at large, giving them the major advantage of not alerting everyone when the Pokémon came out.

The whole place had but a few usable weapons-some Egg-Naders. Why Eggman gave them that terrible name, Zek had yet to think about. Eggman had to have had some sense of pride, even now, to keep the name. Zek referred to the guns by their near-constant serial numbers: EN-78's. He took one-they had three shots left, and they were basically grenade shooters, with one exception-instead of a fragmentation/EMP cross Grenade usually used by the RU (Robots hated EMP's, and in the rare case they fought scavengers too mad to be generous, they still had quite the good kick), it shot a sticky projectile that would attach to a surface and exploded a second after attaching. It held three grenades per clip-and there wasn't much room for its round ammo. At least they were lightweight enough to carry-Zek figured there wouldn't be as much time for preparing to take back the rest of Stark Mountain. The Badniks would eventually spread out again, and wouldn't accept the presence of the life forms that were in their once-held base. A younger member was dealing with the radio back to the base, and the team was moving forward. They'd take back Stark Mountain. Time was ticking.
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