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Default Re: [War XI]Perfect Fusion <RP>

Zippy Lane
Park Lords
Location: Route 29- Abandoned Ranger Outpost off of Route 29, Johto

“Don’t worry, little one. Once we get to the ranger station, they can take good care of you.”

Zippy was conversing with the baby ledyba on her back as she and her troop took a ponyta ride away from the well-traveled Route 29 to a more wooded area to the north. Few people ever took this path; there were far too many trees and grass patches to make it a suitable shortcut. Ever since the robot takeover however, wild pokemon had stomped through shrubs and foliage to make new paths. The junior ranger took advantage of such paths to get into the forest. It was a rather nice forest too. The trees were still filled with bright green foliage that provided decent shade for the denizens below. There were even a few pokemon still around. It was likely that the badniks were no longer hunting them; there were still plenty of robots to go around. This place would be safe for a while.

“Now, according to the map, the Cherrygrove Ranger Station should be…ah! We’re here!”

Zippy pointed out a small shack built in a clearing amongst the trees. The red paint was in the process of peeling, leaving exposed wood panels in some spots. More significant problems were the broken windows and the missing door, signs that the outpost was no longer functioning. Finally, a sign was posted in front of the house, depicting the portrait of a large bald man with a somewhat ornate mustache, the one known as Eggman. That could only mean one thing: the badniks had already raided the station.

“Well, at least this one is still standing,” Zippy commented, trying to sheer up her disheartened pokemon. This too was becoming a common occurrence in their journey. Being a junior ranger, Zippy had all the ranger stations marked on her map, so it made it rather easy to find them all. Unfortunately, the machines had beaten them to every single one. By the time her crew arrived, the structures had been reduced to craters in the assault. As for the rangers themselves, no trace of them was ever left. Her pokemon feared the worse, but Zippy had much higher respect for the rangers. She had plenty of fantastic theories of what really happened.

“Of course they’re not here! As soon as they heard about the attacks, they left the station to go gather somewhere else to make an epic stand. They’re probably at one of the main stations, maybe near the National Park.”

Zippy was just about ready to hit the trail once more, determined to make it to the National Park and unite with her fellow rangers. She turned to see that her pokemon were rather weary, especially the ponyta that had to carry all of them. The junior ranger conceded to the tired faces and dismounted.

“Alright, we’ll rest here for a bit. But let me check the station for booby traps. Remember that crater at Tojo Falls? Like I said, the rangers put voltorbs inside as a trap for the invading army, then BOOM!”

The ledyba on her back was startles by the “boom”, almost letting go of Zippy. She set the bug pokemon down and looked around the building for any explosive pokemon (made much easier with the lack of doors and windows). As soon as the ranger gave the thumbs up, the four pokemon rushed inside. Zippy followed, but not before taking a good look at the Robotnik sign. She had no idea who this guy was, but the robots seemed to worship him. That probably meant he wasn’t a good person at all. She spun the sign around as she ran up the porch steps, switching it back to the pokeball emblem on the other side.

The inside of the shack was rather cozy, which was a nice word for small. The one room served as a kitchen, bedroom, study, and clinic. There was a countertop near the sink and a desk at the other end. Two cots were hanging on the wall to set up a sleeping area. The ceiling had string hanging off of it. Pulling on it would reveal a ladder to the rooftop balcony. Other than that, it was a fairly Spartan place.

Zippy’s team of pokemon were finding a wealth of supplies, mostly canned goods. The ledyba was passing off cans to Ollie, whose razor shells cut into them easily. Din had her snout in a can of green beans, while the ledyba was taking in a fistful of fruit cocktail. Once they were eating, the dewott opened up a can of tuna and joined in the picnic on the floor. As for Gaga, the emolga had found a six pack of light bulbs. One by one she sent an electric charge through the bulbs, making them grow brighter and brighter until they shorted out. It was like popping bubble wrap for the pokemon (though she liked that too). Every pop of the shorted bulb elicited a giggle from the sky squirrel, the dewott shaking his head in annoyance. Food seemed to have put everyone in good spirits.

“Gee, they sure did leave a lot behind- ooh, peanut butter.” Zippy grabbed a jar of the gooey treat and placed it in her drawstring pack for the road. For now though, the girl found a chocolate bar to nibble on (good thing Gaga was too distracted to notice). However, the more valuable items to Zippy were not food at all. One was a first aid kit. With all the robot encounters they had, she was fortunate enough to not need such care. Things could change in an instance, so Zippy took the item ball on the desk and absorbed the kit, putting it in one of her shirt pockets. The other item was a pair of binoculars. She had left her own pair back at Pallet Town in the rush to escape the chaos. The ranger wasn’t thinking about those painful memories, but rather doing a bit of surveillance.

“I’ll be on the roof guys,” Zippy told the others, pulling the string upon the ceiling to reveal the ladder. She climbed up to the crow’s nest and looked through the binoculars. Wait, this pair was rather dirty, as one would expect after it had been exposed to the elements. Zippy spit in both lenses, then took the end of her shirt to rub out the water spots and random goop from the feeding frenzy downstairs. With the quick spit shine, Zippy then surveyed her surroundings.

The ranger took in the sights of a nesting pidgey, a rattata scurrying in a burrow, and absolutely nothing made of metal. That was until she spotted a break in the treeline. Through that, Zippy could spot a bit of Cherrygrove City, the first largish town she had seen since leaving Pallet. Like the route however, it too was empty, save for the patrolling badniks roaming the streets. Their shining metal could be seen from quite a distance. The girl then spotted a building she was not familiar with: a factory. Smog billowed from the tall smokestacks upon the structure. Though she was too far to see much else, Zippy knew that place wasn’t for making Nintendo games. It was the source of all the robots she had come across since she arrived in Johto. Pokemon were likely inside, waiting for their inevitable fate of enslavement. If the rangers were around, they would have put an end to such atrocities.

“Where are they…?”

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