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Default Re: [War XI]Perfect Fusion <RP>

Revolution Uprising
Base XFA (HQ), Fight Area, Sinnoh

A large map of the Battle Zone was carefully laid out, each of the island’s features painstakingly indentified and labeled. Clever eyes would note that it had been modified to include the spiky rock formation that had appeared post merge. This addition, which the anthropomorphic beings had identified as having originated from the “Seas of Demons” had been, in general, a blessing.

Three obvious dots stuck out, each representing one of the Revolution Uprisings bases. The more interesting point, however, was the inky black “X” atop Stark Mountain, a volcano at the northern extreme of the island. It wouldn’t take a genre savvy individual to know that meant this location was a point of interest. Unlike stereotypical pirate flicks, however, this did not indicate a treasure. Actually, saying the reverse would be accurate.

That “X” marked the enemy’s current stronghold, a very real threat that needed to be dealt with both intelligently and quickly. A small cluster of red chips represented the RU’s current retaliation force, which, although unrepresented on the map, had been the source of many discussions.

Now, however, that was not the focus of the bodies clustered around the table. No, news of a possible attack was what drew these people here at the moment. It was common knowledge that the risk of being invaded was always high, but it was even greater at the moment. Intelligence had gathered evidence that Robotnik, leader of the enemy fraction, was planning something “big”.

When the robots had something “big” on their horizons, taking the situation lightly was never a smart option. As a result, time and energy had been pooled into furthur securing their territory, with emphasis on the bases. Of course, they hadn’t had much of a temporal gate to begin with; the news had been a late arrival.

Considering the number of people present, the noise in the room was surprisingly civil. The topic of their discussion wasn’t obvious at first, but a bystander would eventually realise they were debating possible angles the enemy may attack. This was represented by yellow chips on the map, and there were a fair number of them present.

Little did any of them know another woman had been seating on their planning. Perched above the room was a small balcony, which allowed for a perfect view of the large space below. Its placement also permitted the brunette resting on it to overhear most of the words uttered.

One may have believed she was spying on them, although this was actually far from the truth. In reality, the female was simply making sure preparations were going smoothly. So far, she was pleased with the progress, although weary time was running short. Hopefully, they would finish soon and further bolstering could be implemented in the necessary areas.

She didn’t stick around much longer, slightly anxious for news on the task force’s progress. Those red chips on the map were flesh and blood in the real world. Hopefully, her judgement had been accurate and placing the shady Zek in control hadn’t been a miscalculation. In reality, it had been advised another be put in command, but he simply wasn’t as good. Fears Chakram would go rogue were widespread, and while they were founded, wasting his talent was inexcusable. With a nod, she turned and pushed the light doors open and left.

“Miss Cadence!” a voice bellowed, barely two seconds after she’d stepped into the hallway. Slightly surprised, the brunette’s gaze fell upon a fellow RU agent, who was rushing down the corridor top speed.

“What’s going on?” she asked, bracing herself for anything. The alarm hadn’t been sounded, which reduced the probability that an attack had started. Still, it was wise to anticipate the unexpected…

“We had just received confirmation that the assault on enemy camp was no doubt a success,” he informed between pants, making sure not to lock eyes with the woman. Cadence had never really understood why looking a superior in the eye was such a taboo, but no matter how much she insisted against it, the practice continued.

Grace was perfectly quiet, carefully eyeing the young man before her. She knew he wasn’t very high ranking and served as a messenger to those few who preferred not to use the much more convenient communicators. They had expressed worry that transmissions would be intercepted, but within the base, Cadence trusted information was safe. For the most part.

“Excellent,” she started, although it sounded far less emotive then one would expect. Her face then suddenly changed expression and her mouth opened once more, “Was Chakram and his force warned of the impending threat?”

“Umm, I don’t know,” he staggered, instantly feeling nervous.

“I see. Nothing further,” She stated, turning in the direction of the radio room. On the inside, the woman released the fiercest of sighs; this was an important matter…

Her destination wasn’t very far, just a few turns. Inside, a rookie was just placing his headset on the table, whistling a happy tune.

“Is Thirteen here?” she inquired, noticing the missing presence of the man in charge of communications. It was his job to make sure important information got out to the front.

“Oh, Leader!” the young fellow exclaimed, obviously startled. “He left for a break not a long time ago. I-is something the matter?”

“Get me Chakram’s unit,” she ordered, not risking the time it would take to get confirmation from Thirteen.

“Yes, of course,”

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