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Default Re: [War XI]Perfect Fusion <RP>

K'sariya Damuna • Guardian Units of Nations • Central City
watch the beauty of all our lives passing right before our eyes

The water quivered with anticipation, ripples hopping upward to brush against her down-turned palms. Brimming with energy, the chilling touch of the liquid sent gentle shivers up her arced spine, causing her lids to lift from over her light azure eyes. The snapping of her cloak billowing around her had become a dull drone in her ears, which were tuned to the sea that was spread out in front of her. She could feel her bow, which she had moved under her topmost garment to prevent easy damage, tapping against her back in the slight breeze. Her gaze swept across the open waters, her body rocking slightly as she balanced precariously on the rock in which was was perched upon, right hand dipping completely into the water as she did so. She rested upon the balls of her bare feet, heels tucked together to support the weight that was forced upon them, toes pressed forcefully against the ashen stone below her. The femme's folded knees parted as she made an attempt to regain the control of her sentinel stance that she had so painstakingly worked to achieve.

A cerulean nose pushed against her submerged palm, righting K'sariya once more as her hand moved down the narrow muzzle and over the domed head to wrap her fingers around the creature's short horns. A soft sigh of relief slipped past her small lips as her path of sight flicked downward to her valued companion, Monsoon. The Kingdra gave a slight chortle of joy as she received a loving scratch under the wavy protrusion that extended from the base of her upper jaw. As she turned her sights back out to the eerily calm waters, she felt dread dripping from the lodged saliva in her throat down into her stomach, weighing it down like lead. She inhaled the scent of the sea, the breath passing from her body shakily as she made an attempt to calm herself. Anxiety pounded in her mind, setting her senses aflame. She was hyper-aware, taking in and registering every tiny change in the wind and in the scents and in the temperature and just everything; she was aware of every bit of it as anticipation-caused adrenaline pulsed through her veins. The air thrummed with this very anticipation, swirling over the unbearable waves of tension that plagued the space before them.

The sounds of wings graced her auds to her left, and she turned her head. Heat caressed her features as the massive glowing butterfly of embers fluttered calmly to her side, piercing cobalt pools set upon the girl.

"Any sign of them?"

The Volcarona shook her ebony, crimson-crested head, and then pressed a bit closer to K'sariya. The woman accepted the advance openly, leaning her head into the alabaster silk that coated the bug's upper body. Burying her face in the comforting material, her mind toiled over blooming insecurities to the point of her feeling like she was bursting at the seams. She rose, standing on the protruding surface below her as she clutched at the Sun Pokemon. Monsoon rose up to rest his own head on K'sariya's leg, blood-hued eyes clouded with worry as he looked up at her. The girl could feel the Pokeballs at her belt quivering against her hip as the beings within sensed her distress.

"I've got to help defend this place..." she murmured, slightly watery eyes turning upward to the face above her, and then downward to the dragon below. "But if I send you out to help, I may never see you again... I wish I could explain, but I don't know if I have time..."

A Pokeball dropped from her waist and rolled across the wide rock. In an explosion of red light, the Pokeball opened before snapping back to her belt, and in its place was a violet and pale rose-colored mass curled into a ball. A strange, thick, pink smoke drifted lazily from the hole on its head, curling and swirling over itself.

I've told them, came the Pokemon's voice in her mind. She blinked at Alixra, startled. You dreamed about... about what might happen. Last night.

A sigh escaped K'sariya. She could not decipher if it was a sigh of relief or a sigh of embarrassment. It could have been both, yet neither at the same time. She flinched as she recalled the dream in vivid detail. Zira began to pull her wings closer on her hovering down-flap, to offer solace to her beloved Trainer through her warmth.

We'll be fine, Zira reassured, a raspy sort of bug-like purr vibrating through her chest. The Trainer stepped back, relinquishing her grip on the other creature, and stared out at the water. In the distance, she could see the three large, bulky silhouettes of the naval ships that would be one of their first defenses against the robots that would soon come to destroy everything she knew. Blinking the moisture from her eyes, she nodded. The fingers of her mind wrapped themselves tightly around her emotions as she took control of them. The gears of her mind churned steadily, processing her plan.

"Alright." She reached into the small bag on the hip opposite of her Pokeballs, withdrawing from it a small scroll of paper she carried around for this very purpose and a pencil. She had no radio to contact the one she sought, so she planned on relying on more classic, outdated techniques. Beckoning Alixra, she tapped the Dream Pokemon, and a couple of Defense Curls later, her companion because a useful, solid writing surface. She began to quickly write in a readable scrawl:

I am not sure if you are familiar with I or my Pokemon, but I am sending these two to the front lines to help defend. I am aware of the dangers of this and so are they. Below is a rundown of their powers and what they can do with them.

The one carrying this note is known as a Volcarona that answers to the calling of Zira. I think she may be useful for creating Hurricanes, if needed. She will be certain to keep them from colliding into the ships, as well. If you command her to, she can clear the skies of any clouds and weather and make it easier to see any opponents above the water, and will improve our visibility below. Being a Fire type, she will avoid the water at all costs unless absolutely necessary. If you need to return any messages to me, do so with her--she will know where to find me, but please do so if only necessary. Returned thanks are not needed nor wanted for their assistance, and either are returned damnations in case you did not want them.

The one accompanying her is a Kingdra (check the water for a blue Pokemon with two horns with wavy protrusions on them), and he goes by the name Monsoon. He specializes in anything water, and I believe may be of some help. He can create whirlpools to help slow our opponents down, and with some tactical guidance as to where he needs to put them, I believe that he is mostly independent and will need no further instruction after you give him an order, but if he encounters problems, he will report back to you for further tasks. On a side note, he can also create Blizzards. If he spots robots before you all do, he will alert you to their presence with a Signal Beam.

Good luck, sir. Do not fret if you fail--we are holding down the fort at the city, but please do make an effort to return to us in case of the hopefully unlikely event in which you do not succeed.

-K'sariya Damuna


The bug's massive wings beat steadily, each wide down-stroke sending air forcefully down with an airy whoosh. Below her, a figure raced through the water, head poking from the surface as spray was sent behind him. She slowed, approaching the ship that held her target, the scroll clutched tightly in four small feet, protected from the droplets of water that occasionally splattered her bodice by the heat of her form. She drifted to the bow, where she spied ashen, almost Lopunny-eared creature that K'sariya had described. She flapped her wings gently to prevent her embers from falling onto the bow as she hovered directly in front of it, and offered the note to the rabbit. Monsoon waited on the right side of the ship a little ways out, eyes turned upward to the bow expectantly as she waited...

all together all alone against all we've ever known
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comments; hopefully this is a somewhat acceptable post.
haven't rp'd pokemon in ages, let alone on pe2k.
i feel good about it. good luck, everyone! <3

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