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Default Re: Upload Failed

Originally Posted by Gem N Ems View Post
Well at first I was trying to upload an animated gif, but even that didn't work. And the size was only 12kb - well under the 40kb limit.

The other one I tried to upload was a png file, 100x100, 119kb, RGB. But that should still work fine. When I try to upload the gif version I made at 12kb, it acts like a jpg. But it, too, blurs. That shouldn't be right? :/

Well, I'm not expert on image upload/display problems, but it sounds like it's a matter of file type. The site just seems to work better with some types rather than others. Have you tried converting it?

I've experienced similar problems working on the Pe2K site itself. I'm not entirely sure why this is the case so I'll keep digging.
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