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Default Re: Gotta Catch 'Em All Kanto: Red Version

Scar, those Pokes need a little time to adjust to their new owner, methinks, and Max would just crush you without them, even. So, in the meantime, you've got me. And I'm a little pissed off at you for setting off the Alarms, if I wasn't hallucinating badly enough for you to not notice my massive yelling.

4-on-4, loser forks over 15 points to the winner.

(Post all four of the Pokes you're using first, then I'll post my four, and you make 1 attack first. Sound like a good way to do this? I'm thinking realistically for the battling system, and I will hand over 15 points to Duded if he wins, and I expect Duded to hand over 15 points if I win.)
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