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Default Re: [War XI]Perfect Fusion <RP>

Ace Nighthare
Guardian Units of Nations
G.U.N. Combat Dragon Battleship, Near Central City
Affected RPers: Dr. Robotnik, Saraibre Ryu, Sight of the Stars (Monsoon and Zira)

The Shadow Swarm rockets would have been a major blow against the Egg Carrier if it weren't so high in the sky. Many of the rockets didn't make their mark without targeting, and the others that showed possible sign of hitting the massive airship were stopped by Badniks sacrificing themselves to stop the rocket.

Only a few seconds later, the Egg Carrier opened fire on the G.U.N. Combat Dragon, specifically aiming for the Shadow Swarm Salvo launcher itself. Before Captain Lash had the chance to close the launch doors, the laser fire from the Carrier destroyed the launcher itself before it had the chance to fire off a second salvo. Problem was, the battleship had just lost its only real anti-aircraft weapon. Its remaining Helix cannons were all that was left, and those were mostly for attacking sea targets and ground targets. Captain Lash could potentially target the E-101 Beta if he could only position the ship to give his gunners visual on it.

Meanwhile, the E-101 Beta, despite getting shot at by AA gunfire, rockets, and various Pokémon attacks, showed no sign of slowing down. It was definitely going to take heavy, armor-piercing rounds to take it down, and the only thing I could think of was for the Helix cannons to attack E-101 Beta instead of trying to mess around with the smaller robots. Man, I sure would have liked to know what pray tell it was using for armor, because I've never seen any single target survive that much punishment. Despite the dust blanketing the city, it was able to detect heat signatures through the clouds, and strike the targets.

"Captain, we need to reposition the ship!" I shouted to him on the radio. "The Helix cannons would be better off shooting at that damn E-101 Beta! Get those gunners on that thing, the Helix cannons may be the only thing that can stop it!"

"Hey, Ace, who died and made you commander!?" Captain Lash exclaimed. "Although that is a valid point. I think we'd better do that."

Now wasn't a great time to have a dispute about ranks...

The X77 Typhoon fighter jets were having a rough time trying to keep control of swarms of robots in the air while the G.U.N. Silver Avenger had its AA guns working overtime to try and tackle the hordes. Only a few of the robots landed on the ground to attack G.U.N. on the ground, but they were still turning the streets of Central City into a warzone.

With the G.U.N. Platinum Star withdrawing from the battle and heading to Unova for repairs, our naval AA support wasn't as strong as we would have liked, as AA and underwater warfare was the Battlecruiser's specialty. Not to mention the G.U.N. Combat Dragon was incapable of hitting the Egg Carrier given the airship's position in the skies.

"For crying out loud, are we actually hurting them or just entertaining them?" Switch asked, burning through another clip of his assault rifle. "Both that blasted Carrier gunship and that horrendous E-101 Beta take bullets like they're nothing but paper confetti!"

His rifle bullets, however, weren't even hurting the minor Badnik's that much. The only infantry weapons that seemed to lay on the punishment for Robotnik's robots were the rocket launchers. Everything else might as well have been shooting blanks.

Meanwhile, some of the still operational DZ's were turned on, along with the TW towers. It would take care of some of the smaller robots trying to break their way into the city, but it was doubtful they could stop the Carrier itself, or the annoying E-101 Beta.

"Ace, this is Astrailyx," She told me on the radio as I tried to keep robots from attacking the G.U.N. Combat Dragon. "I need a solid mark on as many of the cannons as you can possibly do without getting shot. You’re the only one with the capabilities to hit the primary cannon from your position. It’s going to cut down the time I’m going to need for this idea to work. This idea involves taking out that giant thing so please, keep alive out there as long as possible!"

"I'm on it," I told her on the radio. "Although I'm going to need some fire support here."

I looked up and spotted the turrets. Six smaller laser turrets that shot small but still painful yellow lasers, and the larger one that was capable of firing screaming blue lasers that rip buildings like a hot knife through butter. The larger turret was massive though. Disabling it was going to be difficult and would still take time. I couldn't do it with arrows alone, it was simply far too big. Meanwhile, without a signal, the infantry rocket launchers and other lock-on armaments couldn't hit it, and shots like that without targeting would be one in a million. But if there was a tracking beacon, all they would have to do is aim at the blip and just keep firing until it was dead.

I loaded on a tracer arrow, one with a beacon that could be used for homing launchers to target it. After loading it on the bow, I took aim, focused on the giant, blue laser turret, calculated distance and wind speed, made sure nothing would get in the way of the shot, and released. The arrow sped toward its mark, and its head managed to sink into the cannon's exterior.

"Primary gunship armament flagged," I reported to Astrailyx using the radio. "Get everyone to focus all fire on it. That should disable the cannon and stop it from making a second shot."

"Yep, yep, you got it!" Switch exclaimed, using his optical scanner after giving up with the rifle. "I see the blip! Tracking beacon confirmed! Give it hell, boys!"

As the volley of rockets was unleashed from the ground units toward the main armament of the Egg Carrier, I knew we just needed to take out the auxiliary cannons once that thing was torn apart. Trying to flag all six auxiliary cannons was going to take too long, and right now, having seven beacons would be too much and would distract the rockets and other beacon-tracking targeting systems from what really needed to be taken out. We could deal with the auxiliary laser cannons for a little longer. Another shot from that massive primary cannon posed way too much risk of decimating major parts of the city.

While all this was happening, the G.U.N. Combat Dragon moved to its new position, and soon enough, the E-101 Beta attack robot had come into view. It didn't take long until the Helix cannons turned around and acquired their target.

"Fire mission confirmed!" Captain Lash exclaimed. "Switch to KX Skyfire Rounds and focus all fire on that E-101! We may be the only thing that can stop it!"

Only seconds later, the ship rocked with the loud pounding of heavy Helix cannons unleashing the full fury of their furious, armor-shredding KX Skyfire Rounds, all heading toward the E-101. My ears were ringing, of course, but I've heard worse. I swore, next time, I was going to use a headset instead of a hand radio to at least muffle some of these horrible noises. Sounds like this would be ringing in my head for weeks.

Zira and Monsoon were looking tired, but then again, so was everyone. I needed Monsoon to cover the battleship while it made its assault on the E-101. And I thought of a good idea.

"Monsoon, hit the flying robots with a Blizzard attack!" I shouted to the Kingdra. "Keep them from attacking the battleship!"

"Dra!" She shouted in acknowledgment.

"Zira, use Fire Blast on those smaller laser cannons!" I shouted to the fire moth Pokémon. "See if you can melt them down and stop them from firing!"

She unleashed a fierce war cry as she immediately flew up and unleashed her fiery attack on the first of the smaller laser cannons. Meanwhile, Monsoon's Blizzard hit the robots and froze many of them over, covering them with heavy ice that weighed them down far too much for them to continue flying. Others had their propellers and rocket boosters frozen in place, shutting down the only things that were keeping them in the air. Many of them plummeted into the water, which I figured would kill their motors and electronic circuits.

I loaded on an explosive arrow, and aimed for another one of the Egg Carrier's auxiliary laser cannons as rockets and missiles were using the tracking beacon to target the main laser armament. Focusing on the target, holding my breath, and factoring movement and wind speed, I let loose the arrow, watching it speed toward its target.

Defeat was simply unacceptable.

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