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Default Re: Gotta Catch 'Em All Kanto: Red Version

no wait for me! i didnt challenge the gym yet!

but first some training:

pokemon leveling up: butterfree
levels before: 20
levels after: 30
points before: 77
points after: 67

pokemon leveling up: charizard
levels before: 46
levels after: 56
points before: 67
points after: 57

now for the battle. its not my problem if you gotta go back to the green barrette after this!

attacker: charizard
attackee: raichu
attackers points: 56
attackees points: 51
bonuses: - 7 (type disadvantage)
attackers points left: 0
attackees points left: 1
charizard faint

attacker: poliwhirl
attackee: raichu
attackers points: 25
attackees points: 1
bonuses: - 7
attackers points left: 17
attackees points left: 0
raichu faint

attacker: primeape
attackee: voltorb
attackers points: 38
attackees points: 30
bonuses: --
attackers points left: 8
attackees points left: 0
voltorb faint

its time!

revived charizard

attacker: charizard
attackee: pikachu
attackers points: 56
attackees points: 25
bonuses: - 5
attackers points left: 26
attackees points left: 0
pikachu faint

did i get it right now?
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