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Default Re: Hiring Website Staff

Name: Shelby-Reed
Why you want to be a website staff member: I would like to be a staff member for this forum because I have all the important attributes a staff of this amazing forum should have . Dedication,respect, friendly, resourceful and most importantly honesty. I believe these five qualities to be very momentous and helpful as a staff member.
What are you interested in writing for?: I am interested about writing for anime episodes, because I am an absolute crazy fan of most anime series. As well as watch anime I can describe what I have watched in great detail; my favourite anime series are Hitman Reborn, Naruto Shippuden, Aria the scarlet bullet and most obviously Pokemon Black&White.
What makes you a qualified staff member: What makes me a qualified staff member is that I am dedicated to making this site a lot better andbI am an active user, you will always catch me online at least five times a day everyday.