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Name:Ken Gheng

Appearence:Ken has a mysterious appearence, about 8 ft tall. He hovers in place always, and brings the top of his head to 10 feet. He has pure pale skin, with cracks in it. He is rarely seen because he weres a black robe always. This cloak is long enough to conceal his arms, legs, and face. His eyes have never been seen by a soul who has lived more than 20 seconds more. He has a longue, forked tongue and rotten, yellow teeth. He has long fingers that are 5 inches each. I have an extremely long mouth, horizontally, and it is nearly never open. He can bleed at will, but this blood is like acid.

Personality:He is lighthearted to his kind and allies. He will kill at the slightest provoction. He spares no mercy on allies nor enemies. He is horrible to P.O.W.'s and feeds them a meal a week. He is extremely wise and acts like the war is a game. He is never missing a chance to expand his country. He kills all people on the conquered planet and absorbs all resources. He is never giving anyone any power and participates in the war himself. He will torture any spies let into his ranks, but makes this rarely happen. Once he has declared war, there is no convincing him to stop.

History:Ken was born in an unknown year and his age shows. He was put into the army at the age of 8 and participated in countless wars at the age of 12. He was in the army until a year ago. He then became king with his incredible powers. He killed the king with no mercy and took the throan. He has constently attacked random solar systems and hasn't left his planet free of war for more than a week. He, since the attack on Earth, has killed at least ten-thousand people as an individual. He has destroyed planets into small pieces and enslaved whole races. He has killed the last of a race or two, putting them into extiction. He single handedly killed U.S.A.

Place in Army:King

What planet are you working for?:Hyprokure

Equitment:He carries only one thing. His staff. He has a gem in the hand hold of the staff, and this staff makes his powers twice as powerful. If this gets into another being's hands, it will self-destruct.

Powers: His main power is his psycich powers. They allow him to float, read minds, and bring the dead back to life. This power allows him to also travel back an hour in time and change the past. This power turns out to be very useful.

One other power he haw is frost powers. These allow him to create blizzards, create ice blasts, and freeze stuff on contact. He uses these powers in a very usefull way and has frozen all destroyed continents to no survivors would be left.

His final power is the ability to absorb the powers. He can use the power of the last living being he touches. He can absorb the extreme intelligence if he touches an Intovian.

Why would you make a good King?:He has never lost a battle before and has millions of years of experience with the Hyprokure. He was the killer of the king. According to law, if the king is murdered, the murderer becomes king. He hase been living in the Hyprokure army for ********* years and has killed at least five million people in the last year. He will actually participate in the war.

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