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Default Re: Gotta Catch 'Em All Kanto: Blue Version

I awoke, still sheathed in my soft blanket, desiring another five minutes to sleep. However, I remembered what day it was. It was the day I began my Pokemon journey. It was odd; my room, which I had slept in since childhood, still seemed as serene as if I was still going to continue resting there after today. Oh well.

Pokemon journey?! Stunned by the thought, I sat bolt upright, clearing the sleep from my eyes.

"Ah, shit, I'm late!" I jumped out of my bed and straight into my clothes; a random plain black t-shirt and jeans. There was no time for a shower or other hygienic rituals; everyone else would simply have to deal with the stenches.

I crept out of the house, locking the door quietly as I went. My parents would not want to hear me at this hour; if they knew I was late, they'd be ashamed. I began to run down the sandy path of Vermilion City, towards the Pokemon Fan Club. Hopefully the Professor would still be there by the time I got there

Along the path I went, until I bumped into a familiar face. "Professor Oak?"

I looked at the man. He was as old as people said he was. The hair on his head were an odd shade of grey, unlike any I had ever seen atop a person's head.

"Uh, sir? I'd like a Bulbasaur, if you please."

Adventure notes:
1) Eti wakes up late for his journey.
2) He requests a Bulbasaur from Professor Oak.

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