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Default Re: Gotta Catch 'Em All: Trainer Stats

Eti's Pokemon Blue GCA Stats:

~Current Party and Badge Case~

~Pokemon in rotation~

Bulbasaur | Male | Post of Capture | Creeper

Total earned: 8
Spent: 0
On hand: 8

~Event Log~
07/06/12: Received Bulbasaur and begun adventure.
08/06/12: Snorlax is blocking the road in the future!
09/06/12: Being chased by angry bakers in Viridian Forest in the past. Ordered to fire a Solarbeam on the Snorlax in the future.

~The Journey Thus Far~

~The Beginning~
~Strange Inhabitants~
~Time Shenanigans ~
~Ostentatious Officers and Angry Bakers~
~Defiance Denied~

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