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Default Re: Gotta catch em' all !: Club

Originally Posted by Judge Dredd View Post
Blue Team just finished beating Lt. Surge for their second gym badge. They are currently on Route 11 battling trainers and looking for wild pokemon.
As far as the story goes. Blue Team consisted of TE, TDL, Brandon (CC and Vanitas) as of Cerulean City.. My character Dredd was part of the team but due to Team Rocket interference has become the teams main rival. Dredd and Team Rocket destoryed part of Cerulean City so the team didnt get to battle Misty. TE got injured in Cerulean so he stayed behind.
CC and Vanitas dropped out.
Two Fictional characters from black and white were added as partners for TDL. Zack and Sara are brother and sister. Zack is a trouble maker who is the comic relief.

Volcity is also part of blue team but is currently in her own back story to catch up.

You would need to be starting out in Vermilion to get the best chance to catch up
All right, thanks. :) I believe I am up to speed.
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