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Originally Posted by goldwynaut View Post
judge, arent pokemon meant to be irreplaceable friends who will loyally follow you on your journey to become the very best? if you can only grind them by 10 levels after they evolve, so no one will ever reach lv:100, you will constantly have to replace them with stronger and stronger pokemon as the challenges are getting harder and harder. that point gets somewhat harder to follow. the semi-urpg is getting more like pokemon rumble blast. cant you come up with a some kind of grinding limit based on amount of badges or something?

no offense
For an answer? Dredd's statement 100 percent, though I wouldn't mind the level cap strecthed to a reasonable 15 or so. Also, note that Mew's Level 101. Yes, please, take note and stare at the two non-zero digits populating that number. I'm dead-sure that Dredd's going to have some really strong Pokemon go beyond 100 (Curious why he didn't do it with Mewtwo, though).
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