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Default Re: The Canalave Library (for all writers to contribute!)

I have a story to submit! :D (As if you didn't already know that. XD)

How Kirlia Became the Emotion Pokémon

It was a cool, humid day in the forest when a Kirlia decided to go for a walk. Despite the wet grass and immense moisture in the earth, she managed to avoid sinking at all in the mud, moving with an almost floating grace. This was something all Kirlia could easily accomplish with their special, native joints that were designed specifically to make them move this way. To them, it didn't really have any purpose, but with how it kept them from sinking into any disgusting sludge, they had no right to complain. Nor would they in any case, considering the fact that they despised anything that would lower the radiance of their amazing beauty, as their mind-sets obsessed with appearance dictated.

All of a sudden, she heard a soft, sweet sound. She pricked her ears curiously, but nothing could be heard. Shrugging, she continued along the path, leaping over the occasional vine strewn across the forest floor.

Once again, though, a strange noise found its way into her hearing range. This time, instead of waiting to listen to it, she hurriedly followed where she believed the sound to be coming from. The note was drawn out for a minute or so more, and luckily for her sake, she just managed to find its source before said sound disappeared into the winds.

She had followed the sound to a large clearing. In the center of this clearing, there was a group of Bellossom performing some odd waltz. They would swing their grassy bodies one way, then the other, and raise their arms above their heads and wave them in time to their leaves' swinging. After a repeat of this, they would start to sing, their voices harmonizing together to create a wonderful tune that would please the ears of any Pokemon. Kirlia sighed and once again listened to the unique, divine melody that, unfortunately for her sake, only lasted a minute or so before ending, just as it had in the times she had heard it before.

Before the Bellossom could begin their chant once again, she bounded over to the middle of their small formation. Raising her voice, she cried out, “Bellossom! Stop your singing for just a moment, please!”

Normally, the Bellossom would have objected to what was, in their opinions, an unbelievably foolish request. However, since the Kirlia had used some manners in her demand, they stopped. One of them stepped forward, most likely the leader of their little group. “What is it that you want, Kirlia?” it asked, its voice seeming a bit too high-pitched for it to have participated in the brilliant song Kirlia had heard before.

“What is that thing you're doing?” she questioned the Bellossom.

“Whatever do you mean?” the Bellossom answered, frowning at this vague query.

Kirlia pointed at the many leaves that covered the Bellossom's body as she spoke again, “That thing you were doing where you twisted your leaves and sang so wonderfully. What was that?”

The Bellossom blinked, before laughing. She didn't even bother to silence her laughter, which gave the other Bellossom reason enough to release their pent-up giggles as well. Kirlia looked down in embarrassment, even though she had no idea what they were laughing about. She only knew that it was something she had done.

Finally, the Bellossom managed to stop laughing, although a few snickers still escaped her now and then. “It's called dancing, silly Kirlia,” she chuckled.

By now, all of the other Bellossom had completely silenced their laughter, and Kirlia looked up again. She stared at the Bellossom in confusion. She knew, however, that if she asked again, the other Bellossom would simply break out into peals of laughter once more, and may even send her away. So she inquired of a different matter this time, “How do you do that?”

The Bellossom blinked in surprise. “You don't know how to dance?” she asked Kirlia, wondering if this was a joke or something similar. However, she could tell from the Kirlia's blank expression that she was being completely honest.

“No. And you did not answer my question,” her words weren't meant to be rude, but it sounded somewhat so due to her tone of voice.

“Well...” the Bellossom paused, obviously having a difficult time trying to answer the question. The other Bellossom seemed to be perplexed as well, and no one spoke for a few minutes as they all attempted to figure out an answer.

“What is it? Please tell me!” Kirlia shouted, her voice full of desperation and a great amount of puzzlement.

The lead Bellossom was shaken from her reverie, and she turned back to the Kirlia with a dismayed expression. “That's just it. Dancing is impossible to explain. It comes naturally,” she said.

“But...” Kirlia tried to say more, but she couldn't speak, so instead just dropped her head in disappointment.

The Bellossom couldn't really speak either. On one hand, she wanted to go back to her dancing and leave this Kirlia to her own sad situation. On the other hand, she couldn't help but feel bad for the poor Kirlia. She knew that if she were unable to dance, she would be extremely depressed.

Of course, it was just as she was thinking this that she happened to glance down at the Kirlia's legs and gasped in shock. “That's it!” she yelled happily, grinning with glee at her discovery.

“What is it?” Kirlia asked once more. She was getting tired of having to constantly ask the Bellossom about things, but this seemed to be important enough to warrant another question.

“Your legs! They're absolutely perfect for dancing!” the Bellossom shouted again. When Kirlia put her hands over her ears however, the Bellossom lowered her voice, “I think I may just be able to help you learn how to dance.”

Kirlia stood in bewilderment for a moment, before mumbling, “You'd really help me learn how to dance?”

The Bellossom smiled warmly. “Of course! We wouldn't want a body perfect for dancing to go to waste, would we, girls?” the Bellossom turned around to face the other Bellossom after saying this. They all nodded in agreement.

“No, we wouldn't!” their voices yelled in unison.


“No, no, NO!” the Bellossom practically shrieked. “You need to let yourself go, don't try to copy everything I do!” she sighed in exasperation and shook her head.

Kirlia gritted her teeth. A week had passed since the Bellossom had decided to teach her how to dance, and no progress had been made despite the hours spent every day trying to improve her terrible dancing skills. If my body is so perfect for dancing, then why can't I do it?! She thought to herself in frustration. Earlier that week, after informing her parents that she would be practicing with the Bellossom, her mother, a wise Gardevoir, told her that one could focus better when they didn't have to attend to some needs. Thus, she decided not to eat until she, at the very least, mastered one technique.

Unfortunately, instead of helping her keep her sights set on dancing, the lack of nutrition only served to further fuel her agitation at...well, almost everything. Bellossom, for not having taught her anything in the past week. Her mother, for even suggesting that she starve herself in the first place (although she hadn't exactly said that). Mostly, though, she was angry at herself, for having a structure built for dancing yet not being able to do so. Stupid! Why can't you just learn one basic move?! She was on the verge of crying by now, but she blinked back her tears, afraid that the act would only make the Bellossom more tired of her recent failures that were all Kirlia's fault.

The Bellossom noticed this, and her expression softened. She walked over and placed a hand on the Kirlia's shoulder. “Listen, I know this is hard for you. But I think you can do this if you just keep trying,” she spoke in a calm, reassuring voice.

Kirlia looked at the Bellossom's face and saw her kindness. She took a deep breath and relaxed. Closing her eyes, she took a small jump forward, filled with hopeful expectation.

...Only to trip on an unusually large pebble and fall forward, flat on her face. The Bellossom held back laughter as the Kirlia screamed what had to have been swears, although the mossy earth muffled her cries. The Bellossom shook her head once again before moving forward and helping Kirlia back up. “You really shouldn't use such vulgar language,” the Bellossom told Kirlia, waggling her finger teasingly.

Kirlia glared at the Bellossom, although there was a playful smile on her face. “So what did you mean earlier by 'letting myself go'?” she asked the Bellossom, changing the topic.

“Well, you need to relax,” the Bellossom replied.

Kirlia face-palmed. “I have relaxed some, in case you haven't noticed,” she muttered, although her rage from before had completely dissipated. Now she merely sounded exhausted.

“What I mean is, you've got to let your emotions control your movements. You can't just move wherever your mind thinks will look best to watchers,” the Bellossom said.

“Emotions?” Kirlia's question hung in the air, as the metaphorical gears in her brain turned. What were those again? I'm pretty sure Mother mentioned them once...

The Bellossom was genuinely surprised by this unexpected response. “You really don't know what emotions are? They're what make you who you are. Emotions are anger, sorrow, joy, desire-” she stopped, realizing her explanation was droning on, before continuing, “Anyways, they're the key to dancing, so you have to be able to feel them if you want any hope of dancing.”

Kirlia suddenly remembered something her parents had told her a few years ago, about emotions being an impairment on the mind. “You don't need to feel emotions too much, sweetie. They take up too much knowledge in your mind and cause needless thinking. You should try to ignore any inward feelings you have.” She blinked, pulling herself out of the memory. “My parents told me that emotions are useless though,” she told the Bellossom.

The Bellossom almost gasped, but kept her mouth shut. She tried to look neutral as she answered the Kirlia's question, “Well, I'm sorry to say this, but your parents were wrong. You've been letting your emotions run free all the time. Remember how angry you got earlier at falling down? That was an emotion, and you felt it intensely.”

Kirlia blinked. She was somewhat reluctant to believe the Bellossom, since her parents were extremely wise and their species valued smarts above all else. Yet the Bellossom had been correct about most things so far, and she knew that even the most knowledgeable of beings could be incorrect sometimes. “So I just have to let my...emotions control my actions?” she asked the Bellossom, almost hesitatingly. The Flower Pokemon nodded encouragingly. Kirlia closed her eyes, and let her thoughts begin to sink into nothingness. Just let yourself go...I'm calm...calm...Before she could completely relax her muscles, she let them tense and moved her body instinctively.

A cry of joy awakened her from her relaxation, and she opened her eyes to find the Bellossom screaming, “You did it, Kirlia! You let yourself go, and you did it!”

From then on, Kirlia used her emotions to allow herself to dance. When she grew older, mated, and had children of her own, she also taught them to let their emotions out. Dancing became a common hobby among the Kirlia in the area, and over time, instead of knowledge, emotions became the most valued trait in their species. Thus, as the ages went by, all Kirlia became known as the Emotion Pokemon.
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