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Default Re: How many gens of anime?

The first episode I saw was in the Johto region. Then I was like: omg I love it <3
then I started to watch right back from the first episode regularly. I'd even skip meals. The whole plot was so exciting back then.
Orange Islands, Johto yeah yeah I love the "whole new world" <3
Hoenn - Good! the new Pokemon were of great interest.
Then came the Sinnoh region, can it get worse? x_x
I mean, come on people! use some creativity, do some new stuff for God's sake
why is it always: continuing adventures, problem, climax, problem solved, continuing adventures again?
The only exciting thing left is the change of outfits, in my opinion.
Back form the gallows.
Haha. No.
Thanks to Sammie for the avy and Banner ^^
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