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Originally Posted by Judge Dredd View Post
Catching Pokemon

1) Remember your type match-ups! Each Pokemon will gain or lose points based on type advantage or disadvantage.

When trying to capture a Pokemon, you will only see the Point Value change if there is...
• A Type Advantage. The Pokémon will gain a +5 point cost if the Pokémon has a type advantage over you. If YOU have a type advantage nothing happens.

• It has an Evolutionary Advantage. it will gain a +5 point cost. If it is two evolution stages higher, then it will gain a +10 point cost. If YOU have a type advantage nothing happens.

• A Level Difference.
-If a wild /opponent Pokemon is under Lv 5., It can only get points, it can not lose points.
- If the wild / opponent Pokemon is under Lv.10, there will be a +/-2 Points.
- If it is between Lv. 10 and 30, it will be +/- 5 points.
- If it is between Lv. 30 and 50, it'll be a +/-7 points.
- Anything above Lv.50 will be +/-8.
- Whether it gains or loses its point cost depends on WHICH Pokemon has the higher / lower level.
For example, if your Pokemon is Lv.30, and the opponent Pokemon is at Lv.10, the opponent will cost 2 points less.

Battling Pokemon

Unlike Catching Pokemon, battles will apply +/- to both pokemon, not just to you .
Those are the capture/battling rules, straight from the first page of Red. The rules on level differences in capturing do not bother to mention that the Pokemon's cost cannot be lowered in this method. Unless this is worded in such a way that you, Dredd, can understand it, while I cannot, the rules should allow me to lower Jigglypuff's cost by the level difference. In fact, the rule on level differences seems to confirm this.

If this is not the case, and the rules were meant to state that you cannot subtract points from the cost, mind editing this out?
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