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Default Re: Gotta Catch em' all Kanto: Yellow Version [SU/DS][Not Open]

Basic Character Information
Name: Max
Age: 35
Class:Defensive Master
Specializations:He is classified as a mage. His psychic abilities rival that of any Light/Dark Mage Master. He is also classified a Shadow Tracker. To which all that is known is that he has been trained for tracking Legends all over the globe.


Hair: White
Eyes:Dark Brown
Skin: Tan.
Clothing Style:
Normally max is scene traveling in a vest and hiking boots boots. For the job has dawned a more professional look.
He is muscular but not in the way a body builder is, he masks his physical shape with what he wears.
Side Items:
Around his neck hangs a pair of chrome goggles. They are standard issue for trainers who spend a lot of time in the desert. He carries a backpack with him, it contains just about any item one needs for world traveling. His gear covers everything from cave diving to combing the ocean floor. The most interesting item that Max has on him is a specialized Pokedex that wrap around his left arm. The machine covers an eight inch area from his wrist down. This Pokedex was created from a Porygon. Since its creation it has been updated to a Porygon z. This Porygon is not an active battling pokemon, instead it serves as a virtual intelligence. The small computer is capable of everything from battle strategies to a online global map. The Porygon is never taken off and has never been fully analyzed by anyone other then Max. Its true capabilities are mystery.

A Defensive Master can be described as someone who is defensive by nature. Max spent years traveling alone through different regions, his personality sometimes shows the strain of having spent so many years on his own. Max is normally very reserved around the students because of this. He is the kinda man to rush head first into danger and with a group of students to protect he will be more on alert than ever.
On snowy night in the middle of January, a nursing station located outside of Agate Village was flooded with calls. After receiving calls about young pregnant the nurses made there way through the brutal storm. they had to trek up hill through two feet of snow to reach the secluded home. Once they reached the home they found the doors were locked. They could hardly see a thing through the frost covered windows. Using their pokemon they broke into the house to find the woman unconscious. The nurses revived the young woman but found that she was to weak to move, the young mother went into labor. After hours of struggling she collapsed, she survived long enough to look upon her baby. In her final words she named the baby Max. After his mothers passing he was sent to live with the town elders until his father's return from the war. Years passed before Max's dad and some of the other men returned home. When the men came back they were different. Max's father never recovered from the war or the lose or his young wife, he also never fully accepted Max into his life. Max was enrolled into specialized pokemon tracking school when his father returned to the war. He did not react well to being sent to the boarding school. He was often reprimanded for his lack of focus and inability to stay out of fights. When he was around the age of 12 he started devolving his mage abilities. Without the proper support from teachers he did not learn to control his powers. He became a danger to the community. His fathers disappearance in final months of the war would be the final straw. Without family to take care of him, Max saw no other options but to run away.

At the age of fourteen Max had made his way across Orre. With no real focus Max moved from place to place picking fights and catching pokemon. His first real test was a battle against Gonzap the leader of a local gang. After beating most of the Gonzap's team Max's team was taken out by Gonzap's last pokemon Metagross. The sight of Metagross caused Max terror. When Max first began his journey he found himself pinned against a group of Metogross. The lead male was giant beast with a huge gold x tried to killed him. Max couldn't help this fear and lost his focus which costed him the match. After his loss to Gonzap, Max joined the gang. Max's time with Team Snagem helped him learn to focus his powers and become a better battler. After a rouge trainer named Wes destoryed the Snagem facility, Max was sent after him. Max caught up to Wes shorty after that but was beaten in a battle and left stranded in the desert. Wes had joined the gang shortly before Max. The two did not get a long and were constantly fighting. Max continued to chase Wes throughout Orre. As the Shadow Pokemon story played out in Orre, Max found himself conflicted with Team Snagems goals and left. He however stayed on the trial of Wes seeking vengeance. Once Wes had defeated the Cipher Leader he disappeared. Months had passed and Max had finally tracked down Wes outside of Lilycove City. Wes had been using his machine to steal pokemon as he traveled the globe. Max waited until Wes had left the city limits and then confronted him. The two went at each other right away. This time the battle was more even. When Max had gotten control the match and was moments away from winning, Wes acted out of desperation and sent out a dangerous Pokemon. The giant grey Metagross from Max's childhood was sent out. It came out and attacked both Wes and Max. With a massive hyper beam Wes was knocked back and its pokeball was destoryed. The bull then turned on Max and chased him through the forest, Max nearly escaped. The enraged Metagross then went after a young traveler. With Wes still down, Max was forced to make a choice to either help the traveler or get Wes. He decided to help the traveler. Max found the young woman cornered with only her water pokemon protecting her and saved her. His battle with that Metagross would be a changing point for him. After defeating the creature he captured it. The young lady he saved turned out to be a Gym Leader Named Misty. For the next couple of years the two traveled together battling all over Hoenn. When Misty got called to Kanto, Max was left wondering alone.

By the age of twenty three, Max had made his way to Indigo League. After a couple of years training, Max had won the Indigo League Championship. With the addition of the Johto, and Hoenn Championships Max was asked to take over the as the official league Champion. Max turned the offer to continue on his journey. He instead choose to spend in Cerulean City before departing again into the wild. Five years would then pass before Max was seen again. He reappeared after the incident that shocked the world. With years of experience tracking pokemon, he decided to join a task force that was tasked with finding the child and returning him home. The task forces was unable to find any sign of the child and was shut down after six months of searching. Max having felt useless in finding the child went back into hiding.

At the age of 30, Max made headlines when he was filmed pulling a Moltres out of Mt. Ember on what looked like a parachute. Having suffered second degree burns on his arms Max was rushed to a hospital where he remained for a couple of days recovering. While in recovery he was visited by the only friend he had in his whole life, Misty. Shortly after there reunion, they were married right next to Mt. Ember. Max's capture of Moltres and marriage to a Gym Leader would make headlines. Max did not enjoy being part of any sort of spot light, soon he would find all of his legendary captures would be written about. While most of the information was never confirmed, the general idea was that Max had a special place Kanto where all of his legendary pokemon would go. After getting married Max was able to stop wondering the globe. He would spend the next few years with his wife, learning to focus his powers and relax. Max had found happiness.

At the age of 33, he was approached by the heads of the famous Pokemon Council about teaching new trainers in special school. With Max already working in Viridian City it would work but the offer conflicted with his current job. Viridian City would allow him to keep his job while he was away. He was hesitant about leaving but Misty's encouragement helped him take the next step. Max was hired on for his ability to survive in any environment. While the bulk of his time was spent with the younger mage class and teaching special class about tracking, Max was given the honor to help this first group "The Kanto 9" on their journey.

Start Pokemon:When Max a small child he received a damaged pokeball. This pokeball had two pokeballs melted together. Inside the damaged double ball were two eevees, they had survived a vicious attack. The owner discarded the eevees because they were small than the rest of the litter. Max would paint a Sun and a Moon on the double ball to represent the two completely different personalities. The bigger of the two, Moon, could take just about any hit and get back up. While Moon wasn't very fast he made up for this with resilience. Sun the smaller of the two was more curious and friendly. She was super fast on her feet. The two pokemon did everything together. They even evolved at the same time in Solar Eclipse.

Other:(The watch he wears is a Porygon Z, other pokemon from outside might make appearances. )

Dragonair: 33054
Dragonite: 33129
Level100: 33264

GCEA Link Page Pokemon Evolution List

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