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Default Re: Gotta Catch em' all Kanto: Yellow Version [SU/DS][0/8]Open

Eti Molo's Sign Up:

Basic Character Information
Name: Eti Molo
Gender: Male
Age: 16
Starter Pokemon: Poliwag (Nickname: Helix | Gender: Male | History: Given to Eti by Boaba at the request of Eti’s dying father [see 'History' section below].)

Trainer Information:
Class: Ace Trainer (Elemental type chosen: Water)
Specializations: Knowledge of many different types of Pokemon. Close ties with Gary Oak.


In correspondence with the above:
Hair: Light brown
Eyes: Blue
Skin: Pale white
Jacket: Deep blue
Shirt: Black
Jeans: Light blue

Eti is known for being unconfident and somewhat reclusive. He does not have much belief in his abilities, but tries his best regardless. He dislikes most human contact, although really warms to people of similar thinking. He is often quick to make decisions, and this usually lands him into trouble. Because of this, he is now hesitant when it comes to helping people and Pokemon; he considers that it is one thing putting himself in danger, but another, much more unrespectable thing to put others in danger. He has a thirst for knowledge and new information, and this thirst is often his drive and will take him to considerable lengths to complete a task. He dons a unique sense of humour, much to the disdain of other people, and as a result is not very well liked socially. However, he strives to do the right and admirable thing. He has a severe hatred of Spearow and Fearow.

Eti Molo was born on the 16th April, 16 years ago. He was born in the St Kadabra hospital of Saffron City, which has since been closed. Eti moved to Viridian City at a young age. He is the son of a librarian father and a book-writing mother, although since his birth his parents have gotten divorced. This caused Eti to be mocked by his peers after his father won custody and his mother moved away to the Johto region, with remarks such as “No Mom Molo” arising, as most other kids of Viridian had two parents and this was seen as the norm. He hasn’t seen or heard from his mother since. He began normal schooling at the age of 5. When Eti was 9 years old, the disappearance of a young trainer sparked debate throughout much of the Pokemon world, and a new law was enforced stating that a trainer must be 25 years old to travel with Pokemon; this scuppered Eti’s plans of becoming a trainer at the usual age of 10. Sadly, when Eti turned 13, his father was attacked by a flock of Fearow as he took a business trip to the Safari Zone at Fuschia City. He was sent to hospital, but was so brutally savaged that he perished. As he was dying, his father requested that the park warden at Fuschia City, Baoba, give Eti a Pokemon to remember him by. He selected a Poliwag, which was found in the Safari Zone. Due to this, the Poliwag is contained in a Safari Ball. The bond between Eti and this Poliwag is incredibly strong; it was the only thing Eti had left to connect with his father. The now parentless Eti moved to Pallet Town to reside with his uncle. Upon the announcement that a special school for young trainers was to be opened when Eti was 14 years old, Eti was selected as one of the candidates for the council’s young trainers program. He was immediately enrolled into the school, much to his uncle’s delight. Now, two years later at 16 years old, Eti is close to finishing his education with the special school and is about to go out on his journey with his peers.


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