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Default Re: Sabi vs eishiba

Round Five

Saraibre Ryu

[Sugi] Quagsire (F)

HP: 83%
Energy: 40%
Condition: What, she’s asleep and I didn’t get to do anything?; +4 Special Defence
Moves: Switch (Charizard) ~ Substitute


[Miss Diplodicus] Meganium (F)

HP: 100%
Energy: 66%
Condition: Zzz; Ingrained; Asleep
Moves: Leech Seed/Snore ~ Energy Ball/Leech Seed/Snore

Saraibre Ryu didn’t seem happy with the situation as it was – even if the opponent was incapacitated. Sugi’s poké ball appeared in her hand and she recalled her battler, having decided on a new strategy that would hopefully give her a better chance than struggling against a pokémon who could deal four times as much damage to her than she could to it.

A second poké ball fell from her hand to the ground, and from it, in a burst of fire, flew a scaly dragon with a broad wingspan and a long, flaming tail. The grey scales shimmered in the orange light of the fire, which had scorched the grass where the ball had landed. This colouration marked her as different to the majority of the rest of her species, who were clothed in the same orange as their flames. This was Asharas – Saraibre Ryu’s shiny Charizard. Her eyes glinted with determination and a mighty roar erupted from her lungs. She was ready to battle.

Unfortunately, she was about to get more of a battle than she had bargained on. The roar had been loud enough to shake Miss Diplodicus from her rest. The Meganium got to her feet, blinking at the sight of this new opponent. Then she shrugged, it didn’t matter who she was fighting: she had her orders and she would follow them. She spat a collection of seeds at Asharas, and they germinated in midair, creating a net of criss-crossing roots, which ensnared the Charizard. The roots then dug themselves in between the scales, forcing their way into the body beneath. Asharas grunted as they bore into her; whatever they were, she knew that they couldn’t be good.

Still, she had orders to follow too, and she went about them quickly before the chance was lost. She began to tear up the earth beneath her and form it into a replica of herself, using the flames of her breath to harden each piece as it was completed. Finally, she breathed her very own life into the model, creating a guardian that would protect her to its dying moment if necessary. Its wings stretched out and then began to beat as it rose slowly into the air beside its creator. The two dragons watched Miss Diplodicus carefully, waiting for her next move.

The Meganium grimaced when she saw what her opponent had done, but she didn’t think that it would be enough to stop her. Green energy began to gather around her head as she pulled it out the grass and other plants beneath her. She focused and compressed it into a single orb, which rotated rapidly on an axis above her nose. With a loud cry, she fired it at her opponent, hoping that it would do a decent amount of damage. Before it could reach Asharas, the substitute spread its wings and shot forwards, selflessly intercepting it to avoid damage to her creator. Both of its legs and part of its body were blasted clean off by the impact, and shattered on the ground below. However, the substitute remained in the air with Asharas, just as determined to protect her as it had been before.

However, there were some things it could not defend her from. The Charizard was suddenly bent over double in pain as its life and energy were sapped by the roots that had been sown earlier. She snarled and glared at Miss Diplodicus, whose energy stores were being renewed by the energy that she had just lost. It was an underhand trick, and Asharas would have to work hard to overcome it if she wanted to win.

Saraibre Ryu

[Asharas] Charizard (F)

HP: 86%
Energy: 92%
Condition: Ticked off by her opponent’s tricks; Leech-seeded
HP: 5%


[Miss Diplodicus] Meganium (F)

HP: 100%
Energy: 59%
Condition: Not feeling bad; Ingrained

Switch- (Quagsire switched for Charizard)
Leech Seed- (Rolled 1108/10000, 5000 or less to wake up; rolled 40/100, 90 or less to hit; Meganium -6% Energy; Charizard leech-seeded)
Substitute- (Charizard -10% HP, -4% Energy; Substitute +10% HP)
Energy Ball- (Rolled 5/10, 1 for effect; Meganium -5% Energy; Substitute -5% HP)
Leech Seed- (Charizard -4% HP, -4% Energy; Meganium +4% Energy)
Ingrain- (No effect)

Arena Notes

Team Notes
Saraibre Ryu
2 pokémon remaining
Sugi: HP: 83%; Energy: 40%
2 pokémon remaining