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Default Re: [RP] Digimon: The Reckoning

(Eric Lemertov, Coronamon and Lunamon, New York City, USA
Role: True Digidestined)

Eric Lemertov was out on a dinner date with his girlfriend, Kiki Jones. Coronamon and Lunamon had to come along, as they couldn't stop following their "Parents". They were in Brooklyn, at a local pizza place.

Eric pulled something out of his pocket, in a tiny, fancy-looking box.

"Kiki Jones... I have to thank your family for taking me in after my parents died... I don't know how to say this but... Will you.... Marry me?" Eric said as he revealed a diamond ring from the box.

"Oh. Eric! YES! I'd love to!" Kiki cried in glee.

Everybody in the small restaurant said "Awww...."

"Mom... Are you getting married because of us?" Coronamon asked.

Kiki nodded, and said "You two are among the reasons for our love, so yes."

"Dad! Does this mean we'll see a real, live human baby? Do they come from eggs?" Lunamon asked.

Eric shook his head and said "No, Lunamon, they don't come from eggs, and maybe you two will have a human brother or sister. But you two are the best thing that happened to me since my parents died."

(Will finish later)
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