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[Morimon - Thunder Plains, Digital World] [Role: True Digidestined]

The wind blew coldly over the remainder of the plains and the sky was dark and clouded as it always was. A lone figure stood at the cliff where the rest of the plains had been turned into a stream of unorganized data.

His striking yellow fur billowed in the wind and the copper colored mane around his neck shimmered. A fork of lightning lit the sky, illuminating his now harsh orange eyes. Hatred bubbled beneath their glossy surface. I will get revenge. This is my home and you have destroyed it. I vow I will not rest until you are nothing more than useless bits of data.

Morimon stared out over the endless expanse of data floating before him, his lightning rod shaped ears twitching. He turned as another lightningbolt lit the land. Thunder clapped above him, loud as his own roar of rage.

He raced off, his heavy paws pounding into the soft earth. A soft sheet of rain began to sweep across the plains, quickly catching him and drenching him through. He roared again, sending out bolts of electricity from his six sharply pointed tails.

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