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Lydia Applegate | Biyomon | Lopmon
Location: A Digital Jump to the Real World entering Dayton, Ohio, United States
Role: True DigiDestined under the rule of Anarcomon

Lydia sat on a shallow hill atop a deserted field of nothingness - besides the clambering buffoons that called themselves Anarcomon's militia. Her hands graced her once perfect shoulders where the claws of a DemiDevimon had sunk their way to her bone only years ago. She still remembered that day very vividly. The screams of all of those innocent people along with the scream of Biyomon... she couldn't stand it. Her friend was in danger and yet... all she could do was sit back and dangle from afar, motionless under Anarcomon's wrath.

"I'm utterly pathetic..." Lydia muttered to no one, hanging her head low as her long, rosy hair brushed past her shoulders and ultimately drooped below her gaze. She returned her glance back towards the empty desert, sighing once then raising herself up awkwardly, shaking off the dirt. She briefly glanced at her surroundings. There were multiple Digimon that believed Anarcomon should reign. They were Myotismon, Ogremon, Mammothmon, Mummymon, and Arukenimon. Lydia was assigned General on this task into the Real World. She was assigned to find and locate rebels to Anarcomon's cause and either destroy or bring them in to the master himself.

A warm tug came at the brim of her pale-blue skirt. She simply let her eyes fall onto her faithful partner Biyomon carelessly, without emotion, "Lydia... shouldn't we be heading for the meeting ground?" He cooed, flapping his body-length wings as her reached his tamer eye-to-eye.

Lydia merely shrugged him off and took a few steps forward, sighing to herself as she folded her arms promptly against her chest. Her rosy eyes shimmered down upon her fellow comrades and without further ado she spoke loudly, booming the orders of Anarcomon's words to her followers, "Down into the desert my allies. Anarcomon has informed our sources of an incoming digital field coming from the Deserted Isle. Prepare yourselves to move now. Into the Deserted Isle! Once the digital field immerses itself around you do not hesitate to release your data for transfer! Now, take heed! Into the Real World!" As she finished the orders the fellow Digimon partners raised their fists with a holler shouting words of confidence. They trudged into the Deserted Isle as Lydia stayed back for the moment, reminiscing on the last time she stepped foot in the Real World. This would be her first trip back since that horrendous day...

Biyomon returned to the ground during his tamer's orders and couldn't help but gaze upon his tamer. She seemed reluctant. Why does she look so... pale? I thought she was born in the Real World. I wish she would smile once in a wh- Biyomon thought as he was suddenly shoved to the side, doubling over as he took a beak-full of sand and dirt. He coughed up the debris of his fall and glared with deep hatred at the rabbit who had shoved him aside. It was Lydia's other partner - Lopmon. Her slender, sleek body snaked past him as she toyed with his tail-feathers, brushing them with one of her elongated ears, "Oh, Biyomon~ when will you ever learn to never leave yourself open like that?" She smirked, slapping her enormous ears onto the ground, spiraling in a field of digital aura and reappearing as Antylamon (Virus). Biyomon picked himself up, brushing the dirt from his pink feathers as he watched Antylamon lift his tamer up onto her shoulder, leaping into the air, and rejoining the other Digimon in a flash. He swallowed hard, took a glance below his miniature hill and took off into his brief flight - stumbling along the way but finally catching up. He was definitely out of breath by the time he landed. Biyomon were designed synonymously in sync with Patamon in terms of flying. They hardly could go long distances - not to mention height.

Lydia cast a glance below Antylamon's shoulder to watch her straggling partner manage himself back into their group. She gave a smug frown, "Why can't you Digivolve, Biyomon? If you could become Birdramon this would make life so much easier..."

Biyomon grimaced at those harsh words. He never knew why he couldn't Digivolve. For the past four years he could never seem to grow past anything besides his current form. He knew that he was capable but somehow couldn't grasp the concept. Something was missing in order to complete his transformation... he just didn't know what. If only he knew.

Antylamon however, gave a dark smirk, knowing she was pleasing her tamer well. She was able to Digivolve to only Ultimate but that was more than that feather-brained fool. She reminded herself of this quite often, too. Antylamon had the habit of smugly pointing fingers at Biyomon, always poking fun of his disability. On more than several occasions she has even pointed out how he isn't 'truly' Lydia's partner (although that was definitely not the case). Biyomon, although tough to her comments, has begun to believe these false accusations too - which only brings more satisfacation towards Antylamon's ever-growing ego. As if to break Antylamon out of her egotistical trance, a cloud of dust began to form around the small fleet of Digimon. The digital field was emerging. Antylamon placed one of her enormous hands upon Lydia to steady her on their embark into the Real World. Antylamon felt a sudden tug at her ankle. She glanced down to see the feathered mess clinging to her in a desperate attempt to stay with his tamer. She grinned darkly to herself, chuckling at his feeble attempt. What a sorry fool this bird takes me for... she thought handsomely and, without further ado, shook the clambering bird off, kicking him towards the edge of the digital field.

Lydia, oblivious to everything and everyone, watched as she was engulfed with data. Beautiful streams of data enveloped her body, spiraling around her body as if to put on a show for her. The feeling was a strange one too. It gave her butterflies - of a horrible experience. Almost like a flashbulb she remembered herself tied to many other people. At this moment, she was drifting in and out of consciousness. The data was overwhelming and flushing in unwanted memories. They kept pouring into her subconscious as her hands flung themselves to her head in obvious pain. She winced painfully as memories of data surrounding her body once before became vivid in her memory. Flashes of electricity coursed through her body. Lydia was becoming weaker and weaker as the transfer continued. More memories of crying visualized itself to her occipital lobes, "What the... w-what is this...? Why... am... am..." she whispered breathlessly, drifting off into an unconscious slumber.

Antylamon felt her tamer slump over her head and at that same time felt a pang of worthlessness enter her soul, tearing at her guilt. Her heart skipped a beat as she forced a heavy blink - confused as to what just happened, "Lydia... wake up, we're almost there." she grimaced, feeling strangely dizzy. She didn't receive a reply. Frowning, she pulled Lydia from her shoulder into her arms, embracing her tenderly as the flowing data released the fleet of Digimon into Dayton, Ohio. Clouds of data blew past the Digimon in the darkness that followed the night-time hours. Antylamon, although no leader, bellowed to her members in Lydia's place, "Commence the orders! Destroy everything and only bring the worthy!" With those orders said and done the beasts took off into the Digital clouds.

Biyomon shakily stood back up on his own feet, weak from the transfer. He only took the form of a Rookie and even then something more sinister took hold of his muscles. He quickly brushed himself off and tumbled towards his tamer and her pet-bunny, "Piyo! Antylamon! What is wrong with Lydia?!" He gasped, staring at her lifeless body in Antylamon's chocolate arms.

Antylamon only glared at her pint-sized ally, moving away from his feathered body. She no longer spoke a word and instead concentrated on Lydia. She closed her eyes and slowly sat down cross-legged with Lydia laying upon her lap. Her body began to glow a crystal-blue as it transferred from Antylamon into Lydia. She whispered the words Meditation Cure in a hardly audible manner. As soon as her eyes opened she saw the ever-so-nosy Biyomon staring upon their tamer. As if it were a miracle Lydia had awoken in a sudden gasp. Sweat beads rolled down her forehead and upon her chest and Antylamon. She took heavy breaths, realized the transfer was a success, and, without any words of worry from her Digimon she ordered them up.

Lydia hopped from Antylamon's enormous arms, almost doubling over before she caught her balance. With a shaky and obvious gulp she ordered her companions, "L-let's be off. We cannot fail Anarcomon..." With that, she lead the way as Antylamon followed with Biyomon flapping as fast as he could behind the two.
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