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[Morimon - Thunder Plains/Transfer to the Real World in Dayton, Ohio U.S.][Role: True Digidestined]

Morimon raced across the remainder of Thunder Plains. He was angry and hurt. How dare he attack my home! He ran on, blinded to his surroundings by his rage. He skidded to a stop, all too late as a Digital Warp Field opened in front of him.

He tried to run the other direction, but the field was too strong. He struggled against it as it sucked him in like a glowing black hole. He felt faint, and dizzy as the blinding light engulfed him.

Memories swirled around in his head, but he couldn't quite recognize the scenes. They made him feel weak and tiny and he cringed, nearly passing out. The pressure he had been feeling eased and he found himself in unfamiliar surroundings.

"Where am I?" his voice was soft and deep, a little shaky. He hauled himself slowly to his paws, shaking the dirt out of his thick fur. A confused look passed across his face. He had heard about the Real World, but had never seen it.

His breaths came out in huffs and he sensed tainted Digimon nearby. He growled, feeling Anarcomon's aura around them. He couldn't tell how many there were, but he didn't care. As far as he was concerned, if they were Anarcomon's lackeys they should be eliminated. He took off across the rooftops toward the hoard of digimon.
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