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Originally Posted by Judge Dredd View Post
1) i havent got that figured out yet. I think any johto evolutions if there going to be possible will be towards the end of the adventure. Also based on how this journey goes its going to lead right into the next one in a strange way...
2) once the team is complete i can set a start date.
1: I can live with that answer. Reasonable and sane.

2: NOT HAPPENING. I'm dead serious here, you will NEVER fill all nine spots and have them all active. Not Joking. Set a deadline date now, wait for the others to get their SU up a little while, but put down a date and START THE RP. We have six teamates, and Gold's probably going to do a seventh. It'll do.

The reason why I'm strongly suggesting you to-or rather, URGING YOU TO-get the RP started, no matter how many trainers attend, is because RPs have a notorious reputation of dying if the SU phase is carried out indefinately until X amount of spots are filled, or until people working on their SUs finish. In fact, it's one of the biggest RP killers. SET A DATE NOW.
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