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Mellony awoke with a fright, her throat feeling tight and having difficulty breathing. She was in a cold sweat and trying to control her rapid breathing as she looked around. Noticing the plain looking walls of the small motel room, she leaned back against the wall at the head of the bed with her hand over her heart and focused on calming down.

Only a nightmare, the young woman told herself as she looked at the other bed in the room. She was reassured when she saw the heavy, even breathing of her older sister. With the older woman's back to her the young blond saw the dark furred creature curled up at her older sister's back. She recognized Nero in his rookie form. The BlackGabumon was also breathing deeply in sleep. Kain, the BlackGuilmon who was also her older sister's partner, was curled up on the floor at the foot of the bed.

Mellony then looked at the foot of her own bed, seeing that her two cat-like partners were curled up with each other. It was a rare sight, but it was one that brought a smile to her face. She knew that they were only here for the night and this was nothing like home, but at the moment they couldn't stay there. They had to move with the battles, either to meet them or to avoid them. Even if they were fighting on the good side, it didn't mean that the younger Silvanus sister liked it any more. She hated violence, especially when someone she cared about got seriously hurt.

Like Menora did when she protected me.

The young blond shook her head to clear it before she once rested fully on the mattress. She stared up at the ceiling, taking a deep breath and letting it out slowly. She didn't need to be thinking about it, but every time she saw the scars on her older sister she felt some guilt. The guilt that Kain and Stiria should feel but didn't. The two were the ones to cause those injuries. Even if Kain did apologize, it didn't seem sincere. But Menora had forgiven him after spending some time with the reptilian Digimon and he eventually became her second partner. The younger girl still didn't understand how that happened, as well exactly how Stiria became her own second partner other than the BlackGatomon was her first partner's sister. It was all confusing and kept her mind racing.

After tossing and turning for a while she gave up on getting back to sleep. She quietly got out of bed as to not disturb anyone else in the room to get some fresh air. She was just outside the room and relaxing in the cool night breeze. After a few moments however something didn't quite feel right. She couldn't explain it but recognized the feeling. It was the feeling that usually came up when Digimon were about to enter the real world or were not too far away from their location. Hoping that maybe if she ignored it and quickly went back into the room she would not have to wake her sister up for another fight. Anything to avoid unnecessary violence. So she did just that, quietly and quickly returning to the motel room and into bed. And also back into an uneasy sleep since now the blond was on edge knowing that Digimon were either in the city or in nearby ones.
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