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Lexin Virtik, True Digidestined, Dayton, Ohio

Lexin had been bored moments ago. He had been flying over Dayton, Ohio, trying to find something worth finding, or leads to the DigiEgg of Light, that would (with hope) digivolve Terry into a Rapidmon with golden armor.

His means of transportation was Angle, his partner. The Angemon hadn't said a word the last few hours, a look of concentration etched across his face.

“What is it?” Lexin had asked him.

“A tainted presence,” Angle had replied, a grim smile on his face, “Something is wrong down there.”

So they had flown down, or rather were shot down suddenly by a Mammothmon's Freezing Breath attack, which (obviously) froze Angle's wings, causing him to plummet, but then descend without much damage, as the Angemon put Lexin down behind a house that hid them from their assailants.

“Already danger, eh?” Angle said, that grave smile still etched across his face, “Better let Terry in for the fight, eh?”

Terry, who was currently a Gummymon (for transportation) perked up immediately when his name was heard.

“Time already?”

“Sure thing, kid,” Lexin replied, “That Mammothmon won't be waiting, so get ready.”

He took out his Digivice, raw data running into the Gummymon. He glowed, turning into Terriermon. Lexin continued the blast, turning his second partner all the way into a fatter version of him, the Gargomon. He looked at his hands, which had been replaced by Gatling guns.

The Mammothmon trumpeted, the sound of attack. It stomped towards the house, alone but with the happy rage that only comes from battle.
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