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Default Re: ▌▌a sprite shop ► Sαm & Diŋo

Originally Posted by Velocity View Post
That's pretty much how I pictured it. <3 It's so beautiful! But not as beautiful as you.

Originally Posted by Metal Gear Snivy View Post
Sorry to bring something miscellaneous on you, but I would like to order something off menu.

Pokemon: Snivy
Type: Flying

Thanks in advance if you can do this!
That's fine. I meant to add it to my sprite sheet anyway. You just reminded me. ;)

Update on yours...
I have it done, but it is not making the effect that I want. (I didn't want to just slap wings on it.) So, I am going to try to scratch it for you. :/ If it doesn't work I'll redo it, with a different idea.

Its rib like devices are used to spread the loose skin from its body, creating wings.
The paddle like tail can propel the pokemon through the air up to 10 mph.


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