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Ooc//: Sheepat, where did you get a "Garugamon and Greymon" from? The Digimon from Anarcomon's army that came from the digital jump were Myotismon, Mummymon, Arukenimon, Mammothmon, and Ogremon. C: So, just curious~
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The chaos was beautiful for Antylamon. She watched as an IceDevimon swooped down to conflict with Mummymon. Arukenimon wasn't far behind her ally and flashed to his side. Back and forth Mummymon and Arukenimon were double-teaming as the two shot out their signature Snake Bandage and Spider Thread. The gore seemed like it were to be eminent by far. Her blood paced hot and furious in her pores as she rushed past the scene. Giving off a dark smirk she glanced towards Lydia, "May I have some fun~?" She cooed towards the pink-haired beauty.

Lydia still felt woozy. Her head was pounding and inside she felt sick to her stomach. ...why do I feel so sick...? she thought, moaning to herself as her hands graced her stomach lightly. She peeked up through her thin frames when Antylamon begged her to join her comrades. Sighing breathlessly, she waved her on.

Antylamon hopped in joy and rushed on towards the group of rebels, "Woo!" She purred as her arms transformed into giant Treasure Axes. She gleefully skipped about slashing trees among her way, spinning and spinning like the demented being she was. As normal humans passed by her running in a frenzy to escape the madness she paused, staring at the family in a reluctant blur. She wanted to tear them limb-from-limb. Their fleshy bodies would smear nicely on her polished axes. However, something stopped her. A soft voice from inside cooed, begging her to deDigivolve - to take Lydia and Biyomon and run away from all of this chaos. She swallowed hard. That was unusual. Her eyes were perplexed on nothing at all and yet she looked as though she had seen a ghost.

Lydia was slowly stumbling along with Biyomon at her side. Biyomon had decided to walk along his tamer now that he didn't have to race along Antylamon. He glanced up at his woozy tamer, cocking his head ever so slightly, "Are you alright, piyo?" He softly whispered, letting his natural tendencies come out in his speech as he reached for Lydia's arm, placing his soft feathers on her paled arm.

Lydia briefly shed the softest of smiles, disappearing as soon as it made contact with her face. Before answering her feathered companion she looked on ahead, noticing Antylamon's frozen state. Confused she pushed all of her energy into a sprint - Biyomon flapping along behind her as quickly as he could, "Antylamon...? Antylamon! Snap out of it!" Lydia exclaimed, reaching her partner in hushed breaths, stepping over fallen branches and stubs from the trees Antylamon had demolished.

Antylamon's ears perked up to her tamer's voice and she cocked her head back. Her eyes read an unusual expression - one of complete and utter guilt. She heavily shut her eyes, turning her head forward again and without a word leaped into the air, rushing as fast as Lydia came into the field of war between Anarcomon's army and the rebellion.

Lydia took heavy blows to her chest as she took her shaky breaths. She couldn't believe how hostile Antylamon was with speaking to her... and yet, her eyes. Her eyes pierced her entire being with utter sadness. It was heart wrenching to see the pain that was in those small, red eyes. Those eyes reminded her of the time when Lopmon was just born...

~ ! ~ ! ~ ! ~ ! ~ ! ~ ! ~
It was cold, dark, and damp. The walls dripped with the dew of the morning above her dark prison. The only signs of a light source she had were the cracks above her head filtering down a pale stream on light where she sat. She held within her lap the luscious egg that Anarcomon had proceeded on giving her only a week before. The egg was nothing special in her eyes. It only brought out the worst in her life. Nyokimon was chained up in some other room because of this egg - and the worst part was, if Lydia couldn't hatch the egg, her and Nyokimon would never see each other again, much less leave their captivity.

Lydia's body trembled with fear as she grasped the brown egg tightly with all her might, huddling it to her chest as her head rested on the shell. She burst into tears, whimpering about her pains and troubles. Her shoulders sent an electrifying shock of pain through her body. She screeched, lifting her head. Her strawberry locks folded across her cheeks as she forced her muscles to relax. The wounds the DemiDevimon made to her previously were still very-much-so visible. The wounds began to open up again as blood trickled down her bare shoulders. She cursed in terror at their reopening. Setting the egg down she forced her body up by pressing her back against the wall behind her and lifting her petite body with her scraggly legs - letting her arms dangle as she motioned to stand under the dripping dew from above. It burned as each drop touched the innards of her wound but she had to clean it somehow.

As Lydia turned to return to the egg a flock of DemiDevimon scattered inside to torture her physically and mentally. She was failing on the task Lord Anarcomon issued her and it was time for the debt to be payed. She screeched in terror at their incoming flight. They toyed with her as they scraped her arms with their sharp talons. Leaving deep gashes with each swoop. They hollered their signature moves Demi Dart and Bat Flutter as they continued to bully the poor girl. Finally Lydia fell to her knees, painfully lifting her arms in sobs to protect her head as they lashed out some more. Finally she screamed out, "Someone! Anyone! Please... please... please help me!" It was almost like magic, her words. They triggered her Digivice to glow like mad, releasing a light that frightened the DemiDevimon from their pursuit and in turn the egg she watched over for the past week, had begun to glow. She peeked up from her lap where her eyes were fixated to and watched as the egg reformed into Conomon. The tiny, brown blob had three tiny horns on her head and a ruler's length tail that forked into three triangles.

Lydia couldn't believe her eyes. She waited this long - THIS LONG - for a small, three-horned blob that looked as weak as a blade of grass. The DemiDevimon snickered in glee at the new arrival to their army they hurried out to report the news to Anarcomon. Lydia sat in a gape of disbelief, "Y-you..." she hushed, blinking over and over again to see if her eyes were not deceived. The Conomon hopped happily to her new tamer - bright eyed and bushy-tailed. Lydia still could not believe this. All of the pain... all of the agony... just for some dog's chew-toy, "Why..." she growled, her eyes now glazed over with anger.

"Why, why, why!" The baby Digimon gleefully cooed out, trying to please her master with speaking her language.

Lydia swallowed hard. Her hatred for this piece of worthlessness grew even more furious. She pushed the bouncing creature away with one swipe of her hand - although she cried out in pain doing so. Conomon was flung across the ground and cried out a whimper mixed with pain and astonishment. She picked herself back up and rushed to Lydia's cry, "Y-y-you... okay?" The tiny creature forced out instinctively thinking she did something wrong to displease her tamer.

"Because of you... because of you my life is ruined! Go away..." Lydia cried out, her words stuttering with her gasps for air as tears continued to rain upon the ground. She hands were clenched to the ground below her as she refused to look upon her second partner.

"B-but... Y-you are m-m-my tamer! Aren't you?" The small Fresh Digimon cried out, curling her tail around her own body as her eyes glimmered upon her tamer, hoping that she was mistaken.

Lydia bit her lower lip then without notice, forced her blood-shot eyes to stare upon the creature that was her partner, "No matter what... what you call yourself... you are NOT my... my...." She gulped, sobbing as her shoulders began to ache with the fresh tears the DemiDevimon left for her, ... partner." She growled out. Conomon stared right into Lydia's eyes. The small blob was in disbelief. Her eyes flushed into a dewy mess as her expression tore into Lydia's heart that flipped the entire way Lydia saw her partner now. Conomon's sadness and pain tore at Lydia's emotions and rushed her into a stream of guilt as the baby hopped off into the darkness of the cave, "What have I done...?" She cried in a somber whisper as she passed out from the blood loss she sustained from the flock of DemiDevimon...

~ ! ~ ! ~ ! ~ ! ~ ! ~ ! ~

Biyomon fixated his crystal eyes upon his tamer, perplexed onto what she was thinking about for the last minute. Her eyes were drooped low and her expression sullen, "Piyo?" he cooed, reaching for her arm as she tugged away.

Lydia took in hushed breaths and rubbed away her newly formed tears, "Let's go, Biyomon!" She spoke with newfound courage, rushing off without an answer from her feathered friend with Digivice in hand, "I'm sorry Conomon... I'm sorry..."
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