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Default Re: [RP] Digimon: The Reckoning

Kilara Blake | Impmon (IceDevimon) | DemiDevimon (Myotismon)
Location: Dayton, Ohio, Unites States
Role: True DigiDestined
Affected RPers: Popshakes, Sheepat

IceDevimon flipped and twisted in midair, having an advantage over his earthbound foes since he could strike from mid-air. Even so, most of his energy was going into defensive and evasive tactics, what with two Ultimates trying to tag him instead of just the one. I heard him shouting the occasional curse as he tried to get close enough to attack one, only to have to roll and twist out of the way of the other. I watched, nervous and anxious, but at the moment I simply couldn’t Digivolve him any further without possibly knocking myself out. I could only will him strength.

Then a large furry blue shape shot into view, leaping at Mummymon with a howl and snapping at the taller Digimon’s throat with razor-sharp fangs. I said a silent thank you to Gaogamon as he wrestled with Mummymon, giving IceDevimon a chance to focus on Arukenimon. Without wasting time, he unleashed an Avalanche Claw at the spidery Digimon, sending dozens of large icicles flying at his opponent.

I focused my attention on Myotismon, who was still fighting with his clone. The two were stalking each other like starved lions, each waiting for the other to offer even the tiniest opening. My partner had folded his wings back under his cape, most likely so they wouldn’t get damaged in the battle, so it was now impossible to tell which was my trusted ally and which would rip my throat out given the chance. Almost simultaneously, the two abruptly lunged at each other, both lashing at the air as vivid crimson tendrils of energy exploded to life in their hands.

But then I heard a horrendous crashing and jumped in shock, scanning the area for the source. The Antylamon from earlier had leapt into the fray, its giant hands formed into axes that were slicing through the trees and laying waste to them. It then suddenly stopped cold, frozen in place as though it had been paralyzed. Then it stirred and literally leapt back into action, bounding into the middle of the battlefield.

“Be careful!” I cried, screaming to be heard over the deafening roars and explosions ringing around me. I wasn’t sure if any of our Digimon allies heard me, but they obviously saw the giant bipedal rabbit that had leapt in their midst. I noticed IceDevimon send another vicious Avalanche Claw at Arukenimon, then he spiraled into the air and focused his attention on Antylamon. Birdramon and Monochromon split their attention between their foes and Antylamon, alternating between attacking the Ultimates they’d originally started fighting and firing attacks at Antylamon.


Shitai Ningyo | Quetzalmon
Location: Eastern Shore Keep, Digital World > Springfield, Ohio, United States
Role: Anarcomon’s Army
Affected RPers: CM

“General, you’re being summoned,” said a voice from the doorway. Shitai turned to see a LadyDevimon standing just inside the door, well away from any sunlight. Without a word, the young woman headed inside, followed by Quetzalmon. The armored serpent gave LadyDevimon a wary look, flinching away from her when she smiled cruelly at him. Even though he wanted to get away from her as quickly as possible, he was more frightened of earning Shitai’s fury. He forced himself to stay behind her, trying to ignore LadyDevimon as she followed behind them.

The took several halls and staircases, eventually reaching an elevator only those with the proper permission could use. LadyDevimon halted as Shitai got inside, quickly followed by her partner. The door for the elevator slid shut without a sound and it smoothly began to move upward. After several moments it came to a halt and the door opened with a soft hiss to reveal a massive room. There was a large window, void of any glass, carved into the stone of the keep, overlooking the ocean and giving an excellent, strategic view of the coast. There was lush furnishing here; a giant bed, multiple tables and chairs, and exotic rugs covering the stone floor made the room seem unusually homey, considering who resided here.

“You wanted to see me,” Shitai stated as she exited the elevator. A stately man was standing in front of the window, gazing out over the ocean.

“Indeed,” he said, his voice soft yet easily heard. “I want you to go to the Real World. Don’t take any Digimon with you. While Lydia and the others are causing a distraction in Dayton, I want you to look for any worthy additions to the army.”

“I thought part of Lydia’s mission was to secure recruitments.” It was a comment, not a question, but Anarcomon didn’t seem to care that Shitai was second-guessing him.

“Her main goal is to simply draw DigiDestined to her and destroy them,” Anarcomon replied lightly. “If she finds any worth adding to my forces then so be it, but it’s not a main focus. You, however, will be seeking DigiDestined to help fill out my ranks.”


“You’re going into one of the cities near where Lydia and her team were sent. There will undoubtedly be others going to join the fight. If you come across any who have Digimon that can achieve their Ultimate form, do whatever you must to bring them to the Digital World. I trust you can handle this?”

“What of DigiDestined who have partners that can’t go beyond Champion?” Shitai asked, ignoring the question posed to her.

“Ignore them. They’ll be dealt with in time. For now, I’m only concerned with those who possess the strength to reach higher levels. Now go.”

Shitai wanted to argue, but she knew when not to press her luck. For a moment she fumed at Anarcomon’s back; he hadn’t even had the decency to face her when speaking with her. Perhaps he didn’t think a mere human, even a General of his, deserved the honor of being directly spoken to. The thought made her burn with fury, but she simply turned and looked at her Digivice. A 3-D map rose from it, indicating where the digital field that would take her to the Real World had been formed.

Within ten minutes the young woman and her partner had arrived at the field and, upon entering it, were thrust into the Real World. The transition from being data to being flesh and blood always disoriented her, though not nearly as badly as she’d heard it bothered others. After taking a minute to get her bearings, Shitai glanced at Quetzalmon and asked, “Where?”

“To the north,” he replied meekly. Shitai nodded once and set off at a brisk trot.

“Then we’ll sweep the area while heading in that direction and see what we find.”
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