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Originally Posted by Latio-Nytro View Post
Wish granted, but then they realized you were still worse at it, and let me go and arrested you instead.

I wish...Oh, I know! I wish for a funny story dealing with how Dark-Types are weak to Bug-Types!

Wish Granted. In Japan, the Dark-Type is called the Evil-Type.


...Oh, look! At that witch! She got bitten by a mosquito! She's swelling! She's swelling! SHE'S SWELLING! SHE'S SWELLING REALLY BIG!!! THE SWELLING IS BIGGER THAN HER!!!!! *Takes pin, pops swelling, makes witch explode, gets pus all over Latio-Nytro, whistles*

...Ok, NOW I wish someone took the pin out of his hand. *Wipes pus off*
Originally Posted by narphoenix View Post
Granted, but it's only funny to the author.

I wish people stopped being idiots.
Avalon granted the wish you corrupted...Including his own Corruption AND yours. Somehow. I'm Psychic and I know it.

However, you didn't grant that wish about me putting that pin out of his hand-

Oh, Wish Granted! *Shoves pin into his Critical Hit Point!*

C**P!!!!! *Removes Pin from Critical Hit Point!* THAT WASN'T FUNNY EITHER, BA****D!!!

...Narph, Wish granted. Except that now, everyone's smarter than you, so albeit you're not an idiot, everyone's so smart they think you're the dumbest person alive. And currently, you are. I wish you weren't the dumbest person alive.
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