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Default Re: Gotta catch em' all !: Club

Working on my SU! I hope I can finish it tonight!

General Character Information

Name: Elizabeth Theren
Gender: Female
Age: 20

Starter Pokemon

Mortum | Male | Gastly
Obtained: She received Mortum from her mentor, who also once had a Gastly in his possession. {See History for more}
Class: Dark Mage
Specializations: Telepathy (Short – Medium Range. Pokémon and Humans included). Invisibility (Limited to night time. Longer if she is with Mortum.)


Hair: Long and black. Reaches just above the center of her back
Eyes: Pale Blue with flecks of purple and gold
Skin: Pale
Cloak: Black with Purple accents. An Arbok’s pattern is present on the back.
Shirt: Black
Pants: Black
Other: She is usually covered by the cloak, so not much can be seen underneath. She also wears black gloves. A pendant that was her father’s is worn around her neck and her pokéballs are attached to a belt at her waist, concealed by the cloak.

Personality: Elizabeth is quite an introvert, and rarely speaks to those outside her order. Her personality can be categorized as “dark and mysterious”, as most Dark Mages are. She is a strategist in battles, and prefers to stay back and let others make the first move and wait for an opening. She is proud of her psychic powers but she knows she is far from perfect. She is anything but proud. Her dislike of the Light Mages and their society is evident.

History: (a brief history)

Other: (anything else, you like to add that will come up)


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