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Default Re: Gotta catch em' all !: Club

first off, around for days and hardly anything happens. I take a day off and come back to

Originally Posted by sealboyno1 View Post
Yo Boss.

So, the plot is about getting to the Pokemon League, right? Then, in that case, we'd need to get Gym Badges. How would the roles of the Gym Leaders play out? Will be take control of the Leaders when we battle them, or will one of the RPMs take on the role of them? Also, wouldn't it be kind of a drag having each member of the group battle the Gym Leaders when they reach each town? That would involve the Leaders' Pokemon hardly getting any rest from the previous fight. Not only this, but what about when they reach the Pokemon League? Will they each have to battle through the Elite Four and then fight the Master?


This is a very good question and I will be working on a proper response tonight

Originally Posted by Gelatini Jejunator View Post
I've a question about the points system. Would the number of characters required to get points be cumulative, or would it be per post? For example:

Post 1:
1400 characters.
= 1 point.

Post 2:
1600 characters.
= 1 point.

Overall = 3000 characters.

Would we get an extra point for the other 1000 unused characters? If so, I recommend players keep a character count for each post at the end of every post, and an overall character count kept somewhere in their trainer card, as well as links to each post they make in the trainer card too. If the points are only for every post and any unused characters are lost, then this doesn't have to happen.
I might be dropping down the post count that way the story flows faster. TDL response is the closest thing to how its going to work as of right now.

Originally Posted by Latio-Nytro View Post
So, what happens at the cutoff date? All reservations are lost, or are you going to keep going and let them finish? I'd advise the harsher of those two options: If they don't get an SU in before the RP starts and we let them in regardless, then we may wind up doing something similar to what's going on in Blue Thread: Eli's random Time-Traveling shenanigans, which is getting hard to do. Not like the whole of Blue Team and I myself haven't been guilty of this already.

Also, is the character bonus culuminative? Like, if I make a post with 3000 characters, is that +3 points? And before you ask, YES. There WILL be people that go well above and beyond 1000 Characters.

As we get closer to the final day ill make a choice based on where the sign ups are

Originally Posted by Latio-Nytro View Post
I guess it's because Dredd didn't want to RP 9 Aerial Artists, Or have too many Light/Dark Mages. I guess he also wanted a diverse mix of characters. Whatever, the Grass Ace Trainer Class has Porygon, Hitmonlee, and Snorlax, so that's what I'd take if I were you.

On another note, I'd also reherse grammar and spelling. Better RPers have better grammar, and it's a fact.

EDIT: Scratch that, Gmandiddy reserved the Grass Ace Trainer. You're stuck with Fire Ace and Earth Trainer.

EDIT2: Say, in GCeA Yellow, can we TRADE any Pokemon and keep the traded Pokemon, even if they're out of our potential selections (Like, the Earth Trainer trades his Graveler to the Light Mage, who sends back a Kadabra, which both evolve and they both keep the opposite Pokemon?)?
I may inventing a two new stones for the One for friendship and one for trades. Still working on the idea

Originally Posted by 5TailedDemonLizard View Post
Just to clear things up for you guys about the character count.

It is for ONE post.

Say you write 3,475 characters. That's 3 points for that post. If you write 1,200 for the next one, you only get one point. You get points for the number of characters IN THAT SPECIFIC POST.

At least this is what I assume since this rp seems a lot like Speed's.
Thanks, im going to messaging you about this

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