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Default Re: Shredded Sacred Bonds [RP]

Amber Greenwood
The streets of Skyspire
Affected RPers: CM (Agana, Alexa Silvanus)

"Hi Miss, I'm Alexa. May I pet your kitty?"

Amber, who was about to enter the inn, turned when she heard the sound of a young girl’s voice. Indeed, there was a child that stood not far from Jade. The lynx, having quickly determined she was of no harm, relaxed a little.

“Sure, she doesn’t bite,” the redhead replied casually, as if speaking to an acquaintance. It didn’t take very long for who the mage assumed was the black-haired girl’s caregiver to approach them. She, like Amber, was a redhead, but in the truest sense of the term. Her locks were a deep crimson, and eyes to match. Jade didn’t seem to mind her presence either, which left her partner comfortable with the stranger.

"Alexa," her voice was gentle as she called out to the young girl, "it's not safe to run off like that. And not every animal you meet will like to be touched like your mother's." Amber smiled, but didn’t respond. She knew enough to not butt in, although Jade wouldn’t mind.
"As for your, deary, I wouldn't go in there. The owner isn't that fond of animals, and if you ask me the rooms and food are greatly overpriced." The woman then addressed Amber, giving her some good information.

“Thank-you,” she replied happily, “That wouldn’t have been too good, trying to kick Jade out.” She beckoned to her lynx, “I doubt she would have liked that.” It was true, if it wasn’t on her freewill, attempting to pry the feline from her owner usually ended in a mess.

“Do you have any suggestions of animal-friendly places?” she asked, again, casually. Her voice lacked its usual bounce as she was tired, although it was far from weak. The woman appeared to know more about the city then she did, it was worth a shot, no?

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