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Default Re: Moderator Applications Round 2 - Apply Now

Which board(s) are you applying for and why?
Pokemon: Black/White
Pokemon: Interactive Center

What have you been involved in/accomplished at PE2K?

Long time member and heading towards veteran status, I have been at pe2k for years and helped many people in the past, mainly action reply related and battling matter giving advice on teams getting the right code, how codes work that sort of thing.

Speaking of which I am in charge of the code threads for 4th genration and 5th generation, these threads are designed to allow easy CTRL + F access to a wide variety of codes I have donted to pe2k in the hopes someone may come across a code they require for the game in which I get numberous pms at time for people asking for my adice and help which of course as code bringer I am only too happy to provide.

On the battling scene i have been a leader of many happy fruitful clans and the very low state of activity atm in the battling center is an issue I am hoping to adress with Judge dread we hope to set up a pokemon of the week on pe2k in which we give out competitive pokemon to go along with the pkmn of the week, it's his idea which I am only to happy to help with.

For the triva section I have posted many a thread and have taken heavy involvement in the past when it did not count for post counts, I hope to bring new idea's for new inative threads regardeless if I am made moderator of the section for the future enjoyment and pleasure of my fellow triva gamers.

What ideas do you have/what do you want to accomplish/change for the board(s) you applied for?

Pokemon: Black/White

I am currently in charge of the pokemon black and white action replay thread which I started and has since been sticked, while in the past I have helped many people with their action reply related problems and concerns. For the future I have plans to bolister pe2ks reputation as relible source of action reply codes and revamp the thread to look more presentible for modern action reply users as the codes are no longer needed in a modern action reply and supply instructions for the use of tools such as pokeGen in order to create new codes and pokemon we might share. Either way a full revamp to encourage new Ar users to join pe2k and share their knowledge here is required.

Pokemon : Interactive center

Lately this section has been pretty dead and especially the once vibrant battling section. As a long standing veteran of the battling section I hope to change this. Already me and Judge dredd have came up with an idea for a pokemon of the week for pe2k like serebii only we give away the pokemon of the week as well to encourage more trade and battling in this section and are hard at work comming up with idea's to revive battling in pe2k. After we get more members joining the battle section an appreticship scheme can be re intilised but only if we get more newbie recruits could it be made worth while.

Pokemon Trivia Center

Here I am hope to bring new exciting threads to the triva section, while idea are just in the drawing board right now, I hope to help judge dredd with his johto version of his catch em all threads and hopefuly if he will let me, run one. I think the triva section neeeds to have more interactive threads where people are encourage to post for more than just extra post count but to be involved to be a part of something else. I hope to come up with new thread ideas that will help people get involved in depth with the triva section rather than just gain a post count.

Anything else you'd like to add.