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uhh...So NO WISH?!

...Yhea, I know better than to press links of yours. At least, press them directly. BUT SOMETHING SHOULD HAPPEN WHEN I PRESS IT WITH A MASSIVE PRESSING MACHINE AS AN INTERMEDIATE. So you didn't grant s**t. Congradulations. I'll grant my own wish with my own corruption: It costs you 5 million dollars everytime I press it with my Massive Pressing Machine...*Puts pressing machine on mach 8* Hehehe...5 Million Dollars per press.

Granted, but this 'schytez' Pokemon is a magikarp at level one, whist Scyez (CORRECT spelling includes NO 'h' or 't') is a Level 100 Lucario. So I gave you a Level 2 Geodude. And Scyez likes you. She thinks your cute.

I wish you weren't such a jerk.
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